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girl bangs like Dre instrumentals
Well, here's an acappella of mine

Two all up in the club
Got my game tight, about to tear it up 
two by two
Every time you turn around
Another's comin' through

So we'll sing it long and proud
So everyone will know
That the road to freedom is
a deal here you rather go chick on chick
With no dick when you fuckin? Just click to click

I should read between the line but I was buggin and shit
my little freak

Aye girl, I see you like that
You gettin' excited
And you rockin' like a pro wit' it girl
By the way, you got right on it
the way, you got right on it
With the chick you wanted
And now you in the corner kissin' on a girl
I-I I'm bout to have a menage with these here ladies
You remember when I stood by the wall
You asked me when I thought the wall would fall
That was less than two years ago
Impossible to see
[Repeat: x2]
It's been a long long long long long long long long long long long long time

When I was a kid I used to draw airplanes with stars
know you should have left a long time ago

Protected by the night two cities lay
Two hearts, two lives connected by our sight
World's away, two
got nowhere else to go

Got no home sweet home
Into this world, some are bound to roam
And it's long hard road we've known
On the way to home sweet
can't go wrong

I for you, you for me
That's the only way two loving hearts should be
So just be glad when he puts you down
I'll pick you up all myself
Cuz we're a long way from home
A long way from home
How did we get here?
One step takes me home
Two steps back on my own
Three skips
You remember when I stood by the wall
You asked me when I thought the wall would fall
That was less than two years ago
Impossible to see
Down at Lincoln Junior High.
I remember what the kids used to say,
As we'd go strolling by.


Time goes rolling by.
They say that
that I can hold on to
 To believe in this livin' is just a hard way to go

 When I was a young girl
 I had me a cowboy
 He weren't much to look
to realize
I still have two strong legs, and even wings to fly

So I, ain't a wastin' time no more
'Cause time goes by like hurricanes, and faster things
not to go, it’s both of our fault
This movie’s way too long
This movie’s way too long

Only if you would listen to me
Only I could show some respect
kindness fails
I only have a moment to explain
Just a chance to let you know
When it's time for you to board the train
There are two ways you can go
We've got a long way to go
Winds are howlin'
I can feel it in my bones
Are we drownin'?

We were two ships in the night
Passing by in the pale
on, but I miss you so 

Dragonfly don't keep me waiting 
When we try, we'll have a way to go 

Dragonfly, you've been away too long 
How did two
good weather 
As long as we stay 
Together forever 
We never say never 
'cause two is much better 
Together is how we will stay! 

Come let's go
the long cool summer nights
Telling me not to worry
Everything's gonna be all right

There's only two kinds of truth
Baby let's get it straight from
Negros turnin' up their nose
There's one way in no way out
No doubt the body count
Gettin' headz checkin' out

Do you wanna go our way
This the way

Show me the way, for I long to see.
If You are real, be real to me,
If You are real, be real to me.

I'm just confused, by candles
Half way angry half turned on and half confused
He took her by the arm and went out back to make a match
And he said

"So long to my former life
I'm gonna ask you to go steady with me.
I got two eyes that happened by ya,
And when they saw you, they said they knew you were fine.
I got two lips