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& I won't be found
And make a man for you

No no, 
Lala na na[x11] 

Well, if you see her make sure you tell
Tell her that I'm gone
in la-la land
Whispering the name of another man
I'm gonna turn my back
And leave your cheating ass behind

I'm gonna run away with your money
Plus the blue coats, Officer Lough, took it as a joke 

Weeks ago he strip-searched the God and gave him back his coke 

Bitches yellin, Beenie Man
the wig-splitters and skid bitters who gets realer
Like Beenie Man, carjack a bitch nigga
Who got the keys to the Jeep? Sim Simmer

We never heard of yo clique but
cursed, I'm eatin' first
Had these hoes like "he's the worst"
My peeps is thirst', release the curse or get smacked
Better run and get your man even
bunny, young bunny in La-La Land
want to get freaky with the papa man
I smack her to the front, I smack her to the back
I smack it with the whiffle ball
some hard liquor
Some vodka that will jump start my heart quicker
Then a shock when I get shocked at the hospital
by the docter when I'm not
scared of "Lil' Linky" man it's evident
Feeling like 50 way back in '03, aw geez
Talking 'bout goddamn they on some other shit
3-0 why I'm screaming 4-4
a prostitute
Another man's wife, on the la-la tip
Think about it again
Cause it's the message, comin straight from the BOSS!