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I've been away
Gone an eternity
But I'm on my own
Left the keys to the house
By the back door
In an old clay jar
These are my last minutes
a path walked by the few
Save the talk 
Show your point of view

It's gonna be long gone
Gonna be long gone away
Gonna be long gone
Gonna be long
a path walked by the few
Save the talk 
Show your point of view

It's gonna be long gone
Gonna be long gone away
Gonna be long gone
Gonna be long
wanna sing

So lock me up in a studio,
Fill it up with sound and scenarios
Stop blocking the driveway with your car
Put the butterfly in the bill jar
At last it's coming up, the sun 
The body snatcher's day be gone 
With blackened teeth and ruddy skin 
And swigging long upon his gin 
He's weak
says this business needs a strong arm
Some new part to clear out all the deadwood
So be sure and install that new long arm by next week
'Cause that short
The scattering
(All the children say)
Will come again
(It's taken them away)
No seeds to fall
(All the children say)
No sons to blame
As one by one they
And I know his rifles have long turned to clay.
But I figure it's time to bring him some respect,
After all his spirit must be quite abject
of rye they'd all fall down
But soon their jars all ran dry


The scattering
(All the children say)
Has come again
(It's taken them away)
There was grown man dying from fright
So surprised by the things he'd say
With a giant fantasy life
Running 'round on feet of clay

Naked except
We've walked the long road and you've worn it well
You stitched yourself up when you fell
Keep your memories in jars
Carry secrets in scars
They’d like to thank their managers
And fans, and friends and yawn

We all fall asleep unless the chorus is the hook
Chorus is the hook, chorus
jars, poked holes in the lid and made a firefly lamp
Me and Jimmy Monroe, sneaking down by the river
I'm still haunted by the taste of a kiss I didn't
Starside skies!â??

Long ago the foul stench rose, yet we remainâ?¦
The few to whom the night truly belongs â?? and by right lay claim.

A darker path
Stop pushing your faith, spreading disease, for it falls on calloused minds and empty stares
Bow to your icon, made from the clay, tainted by
life together was not long
You had cancer and you were killed
And I'm left living like this
Crying on the logging roads with your ashes in a jar
for a long time
Positive will explode when you light me
My enemies lurked, and they held the dagger tightly
Wanted to taste my blood, but they got
a cop's town 
Keep it safe for me while I chase a fantasy 
Swervin through the galaxy, searchin for a family 
Happily surrounded by planets and stars
everything's a go!
New jeans, new cheese's, new gat, gimme a reason
Everything's a go! Squad in the club wit me
Tryna find a chick to fall in love wit me
traveled by a part of me
You would label disturbed
But it works
Living with the plague
Marching to the beat of my bones getting thrown into the lake
you Complicated - cannot find the
Words Let your mind fall down
Sophisticated - love the way, it hurts
Let your mind fall down ! It's a long
and maybe we can
(Bone bone) - know that we chilling, she something shaking in her
(Thong thong) - gangsta gangsta, paper paper
(Long long) - and for my
and shit nigga

Yo, yo, it was the night before he got popped
Big jars of haze, Cheech and Chong bong in the spot
Tropicana, strawberries, diced bananas
memories and hopes
Are carved in stone, symbols of my childhood
Gone, on the wind floats a dream
And hundreds of my broken promises
And oaths
Taken by
It's not too short, but then again it's not too long 
I brought someone with me, someone you might know 
He's bound to wreck your body from the tip