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London Tower's burning. Parliament's ablaze
Buckingham Palace has gone
Somewhere in the distance my darling she's a crying
I should be by her side

This is
Me nuh care where yuh bad from
Or the ends where yuh trad from 
Gun shot mek yuh fall like the bridge ova London
When it kick yuh like vandam
to pyramids, evil kid
I destroy your ass like London bridge, smoke trees of weed
Take off the leaves out the twigs, pure truth is what I got to give
A lot
Bitch we dem boyz, nigga we the Beatles
1-8-7 No appeal, get it how you live
Before I go broke accountants jump off a bridge
First round draft pick,
the boot of Italy to the land of Pawnee
Fell in love a couple times on the London Bridge
Fast cars, fast life, that's how I wanted to live

What a crusade,
down witcha
Back at the high, '84, '85
Lunch time at the break, hip-hop kid live
No jive, I see Boogie be	 and Commando
Valentino D, we all had plans