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like condensation, water
I'm a mixture between Chris Brown
And Chris Jericho, where's your daughter?
I'm more than y'all can handle
At the Grammy's
Brown bless the mic like gesundheit
Bud 'bout the size of a bonsai, kick it like Muay Thai
Flow like sci-fi in high def
I'm righteous and still
again, add it to wax


[Young Chris]
It's not a game I'm from Philly
Go by the name, Young Chris, or Young Gunner
Know my partner Young
be this, there wouldn't be Chris,
Or a Public Enemy with a black power fist.
No Queen Latifa, no Will Smith either,
There would only be tight jeans,
the propane flows

Chosen one, I'm the living proof
With the gift of gab from the city of truth
I jabbed and stabbed and knocked critics back
And I did not
Smoking hydro, feeling fine, slow sipping on wine, wine, yeah, ghetto wine
Hydro, yeah, should of been told ya, living proof soldiers, winos
So come
on HIM enough, ask me
The flow nasty like Flint water in cups, easy

It’s Grand Skeena, GOD’S 9 Millimeter
LIVING WATER by the river come and get
the foes that jumped up under our clothes 
We living on rows on top of rows and, half our stores is clothed 

We still trickin' out, jerkin out 
Hamburger Helper 
Nigga you want to take us like desert sketch, I leave you scared
Nigga I got a partna by the name of Chris, that's Redd
People say I got