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because I have to we want to
I love this shit
The raw is what I live for
To hear the sound of the crowd roar for more
To see the niggas that can't pay rush
play, I’mma knock his fuckin face off
Hit the bullet, oh boy I’m going AWOL
Said the K to them childrens behind that G wall
Got a hundred foot chain, hoes
where I always get my toast warm
Bust into the conductor's booth and busted out rhymes
Over the loud speaker about the hard times
Sat across from a man
There's a lot of country livin' in just trying to get by,
I'm just buckin' time, without a reason or rhyme,
Oh what a wonderful way, 
To spend a carefree
Wherever you are, whenever you speak
These are the moments in my life that I seek

No reason or rhyme, by chance or design
Just a dance to the music
dig it?
You fed, you dead, see red
My lead, yo head, I fed
Like you shit
I got rhymes push that shit like weight
My nigga Lincoln help me navigate
on a 
no theatrics,
these movies ain't got shit on me,
it's this Mafia life I live in the S-A-see,
these niggaz be lookin pitiful,
wit rhymes that come
caused our love to be a failure oh why did our lives be such fate
Through those years I loved you dearly but you loved me too little and too late
[ steel ]
room table
When you hear this record, you bound to go AWOL
I worked too hard, for this life is serious
This ain't bulls-eye, I ain't your target
There's a song nobody's heard
I could sing you every word
Funny how I seem to know it by heart.

Reminds me of the joy and tears
Of every day
blinded by the liquor and weed
I made a change in my life and got some get right
Finally livin decent, no more creepin after midnight
I respect the words
you forget.
Get, get, get.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom.

I'm in and out a pig channel serrated by hand feeders.
Army of vicious
You will know I loved you
By my song

By my song, you will always be remembered
Yes, you'll live on, just as you are right now
Your eves won't lose
Bro-brother Marquis
Bus-bust a rhyme

Extra extra, hear all the bad news
About the whacky-whack emcees and the ones like you
Because I've done
and following the trend?
I say "who cares anyway? who listens to what I say? "
This song rhymes and we play it in time

And if you wanna live in super market
There is no rhyme or reason
Just feel the love and you're alive

The incredible gift of life
Where the fire within burns bright
Every moment we live is
clutch as fuck
Fast lifestyle slow me down double cup

Old school vis'ans rhyme ambidextrous
I switch hands five o clock when your bitch lands 
By six
Genuine Draft with the Gat
Can you see the Slob slippin' as I aim for the heart by connect with the level
That I
(Live moti-) (live motivator)	(4x)
[ VERSE 1 ]
I have the mind of a sick psychiatric
Protegees perish with my tactics
Terminate, excel, I bust
And every record, it spins around
And rotate, while the rhythm motivates
I pause once, then I hesitate
Like this, twist then change it
Another rhyme
MCs, how? To rhyme first 

Of course you rap last, so you can show off your skirt 

I guess it didn't work on "4 3 2 1" 

You got out done by
room table
When you hear this record, you bound to go AWOL
I worked too hard, for this life is serious
This ain't bulls-eye, I ain't your target
to see
Standing right in front of me

If we lived a million lives
I would love you every time
And be right there by your shoulder

I love rock
promising us
To be gold
And shine enough
That we don't have to live by the rules
We'll make our own up

I will draw the line
And try to catch
an M.C. rapper and nothin' else
I keep rhymin' and I do it by myself
Could you be like me? I rap my none stop rhymes
You will never hear pause when I say