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mean a thing
a little bit of winter don't mean a thing

Hey Willie when the birds arrive
the flowers bloom
while the clouds float by
Tell my
Tom T Hall is forty now and so is Bobby Bare
Willie Nelson's gettin' grey and Faron Young don't care
But the young ones keep on coming on the old
guess you ain't been told
That you just can't live in Texas unless you got a lot of soul
It's the home of Willie Nelson,the home of western swing
alot of soul
Its the home of Willie Nelson, the home of western swing
He'll be the first to tell you, Bob Wills is still the King.
Trial by jury
Trial by judge
Get this things out of court
Let's call it love

What does it mean
(It means a lot)
Call it affection
We call it love
Williams Sr., Hank the third and his dad
Hank Williams Jr. I mean he's bad
Willie Nelson, Waylon too
I like newgrass, bluegrass, and Emmylou
I like Pete
Then it's off to the trailer, 
Willie Nelson all the way.

Yeah life here in the trailer park is fine, 
You know that we've been living it
and grass from Willie Nelson (Why you undercover)
Let?s split the profits man
I'm a gambler like Kenny Rodgers
My t-shirt says The Devil went down
bitch in this car, man
[ Willie D ]
Oh boy, that's misdemeanor shit
I'm on that other level
Fuck you mean by the other level shit, man?
Cause ain't another
Her kids trying they off they ass
It's gettin' rougher and tougher
By all means nigga get your cream
Stop storming what they
a southern drawl, 
Acts like Toby Keith, but sounds a lot like Tim McGraw 

But if he's country I'll kiss your ass, 
And throw all my Willie Nelson records
to Willie Nelson
Everywhere that I go, I blow fo sho, you smelled it
A lot of y'all fucking with me, saying I'm on your bucket list
But I ain't the one

So fresh, so clean, so shiny, on a beam
Girl, you're so mean, why you're doin' a damn thing
Any more room for me in those jeans
Uh-huh, uh-huh
to get knocked out the box like Redd Foxx or Willie Nelson
So I keep on making cartoons and movies and records, and anything else, and eh
Just when I think
in God, by my faith in the game,
And by my faith in all good things come to those that stay true
You know what I’m saying, and it was happening to me
together, that's what I'm talkin'


So fresh, so clean, so shiny, on a beam
Girl, you're so mean, why you're doin? a damn thing
Any more room
you anyway
And I never change or rearrange you
So stay that way

Cause it's the little things that mean a lot
It's what you are not what you got
Beat a Willie Nelson of the new generation
A risin legacy shoutin across every nation
I need a passport luggage and a new Rolls Royce
50 Billion but I
on his breath and a Bible in his hand
He talked about honor and things I should know
Then he’d stagger a little as he went out the door

I can still hear
She putting her mouth on everybody dick 

Hey yo Jackie, finest little thing in 12th grade 

Jazzy haircut, Anita Baker fade 

But I couldn't get
(geto boooys!)
I know y'all niggas gon' feel this shit right here
We're goin through the same thing

[ verse 1: willie d ]
Weapons bein loaded
done got bodied
A lot of niggas done got robbed and shit
You know what I mean? We love a lot of things in the hood
But time goes on, and if we don't
to H.E.L.L.
For R.E.A.L. let's go!

We drinking like Hank Williams and smoking like Willie Nelson,
You betta try to hire Van Helsing
Or a monster killa homie
Yeh, get happy now shout it out
Well there is no doubt you've a lot to shout about
Give a yell life is swell shout it out

Hey there little
I got the pack of Rough Riders in the back of the Pathfinder
You know the epilogue by James Todd Smith
I get swift with the lyrical gift
Hit you