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[Chorus: x2 Pitbull]
Green means go
Yellow means slow
Red means stop
Now drop now roll
Girl you got a ass
Stopping traffic like a red [Repeat
I fit the description, 
Black Tee an dickies, big glock wit me, 
Real Dade County Nigga! 

It's that little chico Pitbull, 
I'd just like
I fit the description, 
Black Tee an dickies, big glock wit me, 
Real Dade County Nigga! 

It's that little chico Pitbull, 
I'd just like
There is not a chance for 
A loser 
Getting caught by coppers 
Smoking weed In the yard 

And if I'm hanging around 
If I'm not strong
by like "there he go" 
I fit the description, 
Black Tee an dickies, big glock wit me, 
Real Dade County Nigga! 
It's that little chico Pitbull
This is my mother fucking house, eh I'm by the front door
Here about a blond haired bitch name Sisco
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch go
Because the rhymes fourteen carat
You suckers you wanna grab it
But you run like a little bitty rabbit
Pullin' my cape is a very bad habit
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Wyclef with Pitbull,
The clubs ain't safe tonight

Mamacita so nice to meet ya,
You drunk off that rum,
You shouldn't drive
Now they tall
Switch the rounds now what they call Pitbull
I see them in the club with the dime every time
Yeah that's right that's me...with
Holy cow
Said by the sports caster cause my thought's blast ya
Lyric's so hard I cough plaster
I taught master yoking rebel's smoking devil's

the subs and 15's for the tweeters posted up by 
The tray, like gangstas with the heaters 
Gangbangin is my shit nigga 
Is you still gon' be my homie if I
the savage can't never tell a bad bitch a freak she too classy but shit I can tell by her lips that she nasty expensive ass panties grip to the ashies she mean
It's wild and crazy.. 

A fetus in the jar, I got the little baby 

[Dr. Octagon] 

Two o'clock, still dark, my flashlight, huntin suit
This year we iller than a nun in a cumshot
Getting’ double penetrated in a dope spot
By two hard pipe hittin’ Niggas
On the orders of Marcellus
That's why they stay down, they loyal citizens of Zamunda
By way of A-T-L, if you disagree
Don't even look at me ho don't pass go just go
you're the kind of girl I can really see myself artificially inseminating
Oh I'm sorry, I'm being a little aggressive, right?
Can we start from
the homies, that's on me
24/7, Kendrick reppin' these cold streets
Don't we live by it, die by it, then reincarnate
And if Game told me, "Drive by it," I
a psychopath
But half the time, while I'm scramblin and gamblin to pay the rent
I'm livin day by day and cent by cent
By the end of the week my knees feel weak,
the stacks
Cats flashin' in my face is who I'm laughin' at 
So you made a little dough, but what you doin' wit that?
Thought 'cha girl ain't feeling me
If you work out, gotta get it right back
I trap by day boy, rap by night
C-Bone in this bitch, College Park trump tight

Do you really wanna know
flies when you're having fun 
She said yeah but the damage is done 
Where you been, on a little vacation 
Oh by the way congratulations 
that was planted by Ruthless
My family tree is so G, we was cut from the cloth called LBC
Crybaby, used to C-Walk at the park
Pitbulls on a leash that
out to all the refugee gangs around the world
Signal, signal, y'all need to chill with the drive-by's
It was the fourth of July I heard the cherry bomb
Roscoe, see me in traffic of this static with my..
Roscoe who dat little nigga weakin at me like???
Young Roscoe

I brought my Head up high, shorty make it