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Now when the big bad wolf got in grandma's house
A little Red Ridinghood was scared as the mouse
And just like her I'm scared through and through
butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond 
Buy her tonight, she's still shining 
Like lightning, light, like lightning
walking at night, and a star by day

It's tiring, tiring

The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen
She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
from my head to my.

I'm an American boy.
My little brother watched Saturday morning cartoons.
I mowed the front lawn in the afternoon.
on the mother fucking bed, like I said
I'm a different kind of nigga, like to spread bloody red
From banging the thing Im a tame when you shed naughty legs
Hey yuh si from a guy bad mind 
Him ago get jook by joe grind same time 
Yuh undastan, ray ray ray an ray ray ray 
Yuh si wha mi a deal
Welcome to the doomsday parade
Sittin' in my room, cartoon shades of grey
I am an immortal, walkin' through a porthole
Warped soul, I am colder than
an adult has decided to catapult
me over the picket fence to land on my 2.5 kids
I used to play in the sandbox with the same little voices
And I would always
by side in our dressing gowns
And waited for the sundown
To embrace the blue lit town.
She became my black leach, 
Sucking all my energy.
to see my silhouette acquire a permanent kink in a posture 
The metenance of icicle spirit by the warmth of true endearment
Was, is, and forever will be