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the young tender under my love spell
She could be all mine, nothing more or less
Life with a smile never, ever depressed
I give her ever lasting love
with my crew and
My input brings vibes unknown like E.T.
Makes me phone home to my family
Cling, hello mom, I'm doin' it, freakin' more fame
Dressed up all black with a clown mask
Shred the system, sound clash
Fall back when my feet touch ground
Hit the Heathrow tarmac like where the pound at?
together with very little truth
And a select few can do it (true) you ain't part of them scriptures
And got the nerve to feel you want me out the picture
talking shit out of the side of they neck 
What the heck? 
It's more and more suckas gettin' signed for less, less, less, and less 
And lesson 1: if
a sucker MC, I call him punk
You try to spit that rap, you can scratch that junk
You little punk-ass boy, wouldn't listen to me
Think I'm fakin but I'm
need love too)

Now let me kick it to the facts, hold up, stop the track
Some of y'all say you're thick, but your ass really fat
And man I ain't with
cash nigga

You want me to get crunk
You want me to pop the trunk
You want me to pull out thirty miles burn punk
Laying boys on they back, when I
ethnic culture they can plug a mike to.
The imperialists rub their hands in glee
As the slave-boy hunts out butt-ends in the garbage cans.
Is it any