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a reservation, best accommodations
We get the word, they never heard
We were comin' by at all
See what they can do for me
Only got one room free
Little bit
On a windin' dirt back road
In the hills of Arkansas
In a little country farmhouse
With his mama and his pa
Lived a plain old plough boy
Buckin' my horse, giddy up, hey yo, hey
Buckin' my horse, giddy up, hey yo

I got more bass than a little bit
Game don't quit, my clique got
When we were two little boys 

Do you think I would leave you dying 
There's room on my horse for two 
Climb up here Joe, we'll soon by flying
Did you steal those things right off of the line?
Hold your horses, that's something of mine
That little blue number, little blue number
Two little boys had two little toys 
Each had a wooden horse 
Gaily they played each summer's day 
Warriors both of course 
One little chap then
and we forded the flood
And the Tennessee Mare and the Tennessee Stud
A pretty little baby and the cabin floor a little horse cold playin' round the door
On the Tennessee Mare and the Tennessee Stud 

Pretty little baby on the cabin floor 
And a little horse colt playing 'round the door 
I love the girl with
an all nighter

We were gonna take that sunset
Make it turn a blue sky red
We can worry about tomorrow
Or watch her city live, and stare

Get a little back
Little horses colt playing round the door
I love the girl with the golden hair
And the Tennessee stud loves the Tennessee mare

Tennessee stud is long
the ground I'm gonna just ride on out
There'll be one less pony in this one horse town
I've been lassoed by loneliness branded by the blues
I'm gonna exit
on the Tennessee Stud
I had a little trouble with my sweetheart's pa
And one of her brothers was a bad outlaw
I sent her a letter by my Uncle Fudd
Then I rode away
in her eyes
A little blink, yeah, I recognize
A little blink, yeah, that's my prize
A wild horse sitting right there by your side
Hard to ignore,
and the committee of pigs
that suck on the breast of a pregnant pen and then shit out promises.
I'm chastened by a spiteful and unrelenting "gift" 
like a horse
Everyone in Nacadoches knew Tom Ame's would come to some bad end 
Well the sheriff had caught him stealin' chickens and such 
By the time that he
We'd been afraid of 
In carriage golden 
Drawn by horses blind 
I saw you leave this mortal life

Oh my old friend 
We grew up boys with
and kinda put him on
And we knew he liked our little stray somehow
Well he taught him how to heard the horses and learned to know 'em all
And to get 'em in by
Everyone in Nacodoches
Knew Tom Ames would come to a bad end
'Cause the sheriff caught him
Stealin' chickens and such by the time he was ten
should take is by the horns
A mixture of Whitey Ford and mighty Thor
I Everlast, pen is mightier than sword
Finish writing then record
Replenish keep
should take is by the horns
A mixture of Whitey Ford and mighty Thor
I Everlast, pen is mightier than sword
Finish writing then record
Replenish keep
their fortress
Kidnap the queen, rode away on white horses
Name me king
Name me king

Brick by brick I built my fortress
My queen beautiful, Lamborghini
by a little fire and a lot of booze
Dito woke up Lito from a snooze
Said "My friend I must confess, I pulled off her dress
And had the time of my
Tom was born in 1942
With eyes of blue
And the doctors said
That his birth was far too fast
His heart stopped twice
But yet he survived
As he
a horse ahead
It was little Joe the wrangler in the lead
He was riding old Blue Rocket with a slicker o'er his head
And he's trying to check the leaders
So brave and true, so gentle is he
I'll weep for him as he'd weep for me
Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
In Scarlet Town, where I was born