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You ready Michael?!
Rock with me
And you hear the sound
A little bit of riddim make the world go round
And you hear the sound
You ready Michael?!
Rock with me
And you hear the sound
A little bit of riddim make the world go round
And you hear the sound
Words and music by John Kay, Michael Palmer and Steve Palmer
Say the word if you need work done
Pick up the phone darlin', dial a prayer
You can
I don't wanna be on Lord of the Mics with shit MC's, nah bro, I'm above that
Using my name for a dead bit of fame, tryna get up in the game, yeah
know it's sick now, just a little bit, aw shit 

Can't quit now, hard as a brick, what's this 

Make em get down, head where I fit, more grip
on campus."
Buffoon: "Fuckin' Shit!"
Dean: "Yes, that's a not uncommon reaction to this policy. So tell me a
Little bit more about your background."
to me?
Remember the way it used to be?
Micky D milkshake and a cigarette
Every Sunday a little bit of lightning
Good ol' Michael Mack
He said we'd
Parody of Sold: The Grundy County Auction by John Michael Montgomery (R. Fagan/R.Royer), Of Music (ASCAP)/RobbRoy West Music (BMI)

New Lyrics
shit is fatta'
and yo shit need a little bit mo batta'
Freestyle in unrestricted manner or method
Free funk text readily selected, so check it
Uh, ?dip
the story that Michael
Jackson, in a effort to
Retain his youthful look and feminine vocal characteristics had his
Testicles surgically removed,
the groove and funk it up a little bit" 

I look in the mirror, at times I say, "Damn Black Caesar; 
How'd you get to be the woman pleaser?" 
'Cause I
a cold world we're in
If you ask me my offer is extremely handsome
A little Charlie, Marley, a little bit of Manson
Yeah, me falling off is really far
It's a cold world we're in!
If you ask me my offer is extremely handsome,
A little Charlie, Marley, 
A little bit of Manson!
Yeah! Me
[Pharoahe Monch]
Yes yes yes yes yes
Yo Mr. Soundman!  We would very much appreciate it
(yes indeed) if you add a tad bit more mids
and a little more
it wasn't no thing
Got up to take a shower and heard the phone ring
Picked it up, the salutations, little bit frustrations
Who could be disturbin'
goin' through the same cycle
And trials like Michael tryin' not to stay idle

Back home it's not Compton but close
The same problems exist
with me a little bit
You ain't gotta go nowhere though
You can sit down and stay
It's a true story
I ain't gon' forget my words
Start it off

brought my buddy, Mr. John Michael Montgomery with me
He's gonna play a lil' guitar and sing a lil bit
I'm gonna do a lil sumthin' for y'all
Called 'Ride
hoping that I catch AIDS
Motivated just from being broke
Had a dream like Martin Luther, little bit of hope
If Sam Rosen never rolled and Malcolm never
with complications
Too in to be losin' money, too old to be time wastin'
Man, people that don't even listen to rap still buy my tape
Only Beats By
Gave 'em a little bit of fame, then they dipped on me
But you know, it's all in the game, tell the crip homie 
Ta hit 'em witta slug in the brain, that's