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I'd like to tell a story if you folks wouldn't mind
But this one is true and it really happened in that little hometown of mine
There was a kind
my face cool on the floor
And john, john comes by to drop off his envelopes
Still playing postman after all these years

Pull down my army surplus
block tavern
By the Salvation Army
And the plumbers supply

The old downtown mission
Has John 3:16 painted
In all capital letters
Above cans full
deceived by angels
What little devils have we spawned?
And Buddha sits on my shelf shooting up Edgar Allan Poe
And I'll dream in "Forbidden colors" just
heads and the city of ? 

Representing with John Doe and the Riders of The Storm 


you're keeping things warm 

Little black male its
were born"

Dianetics says I am
A reincarnated Thetan god
If I by E-Meter
M.E.S.T. a-ok
L.R.H. says, "Jesus never
Reached potential grade"*
and I love you for that
And you raising John John and we love you for that
I guess Lisa was an Angel
God wanted her back
Damn I really miss my sister
an accident did to Left Eye
First Aaliyah, now Romeo must die
I know I got angels watchin' me from the other side

When it comes to being true, at least true
waitin on is arixec, disease
I tie knots in niggas legs and make knees
John James Brown said "Please, please, take my hand"
Yours flow, your style has

I'm bumpin' Thai Shaw, Pimpin' Hoes dot com
The mo' god'Khan in a new Sean John
Lost in my lusty ways
You see my face in a magazine and can't turn