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I'd like to introduce the band 
Joan Jett, rhythm guitar 
Jackie Fox, bass 
Sandy West our drummer 
And now, our beautiful lead guitarist Lita
just like Lita Ford
I wish I could play like
just like Lita Ford
she is a fox
she's not in the Runaways anymore
She was once going
(Kim Fowley/Lita Ford)

I got myself a bad lover
His name is Johnny Guitar lookout

Go for it Johnny
All night long
Go for it Johnny
That's where I'm
(Lita Ford)

Night visions of fantasies
Are laying in bed with me
In the dark I can see you smiling
You touch my body and set my soul on fire
Oh yeh
This song goes out to you, Lita Ford
We love you. We saw you on VH1

Where did all those hair bands go?
Those crazy nights of rock n' roll
I saw
[Performed by Lita Ford]
Went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid I got in a fight. uh-huh, it ain't no big thing. Late for my job
(Lita Ford)

You've got me runnin' round in circles
Tied my little brothers to a railroad track
In the black of the night you sit and pant