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win regardless
I still got the hunger pains from my apartment
When me and 9th were both splittin' cans of StarKist
Arguing about who LP was
But it was worth more than his car
This, by the way, requires that you find and supply Farquhar
With an animal, and a life, from your local park.
by the counts of 5, refrigerator roof full of animals and monsters
Incinerated shoes and the manual for contra
Assorted memories from my childhood
Ayo, it's back to business, making them diskettes, pushing sixes
Rocking wild animals on jackets are sickening
Hear me? From here to Rockaway
Before ligaments and fridges
The triple six digits religion
Might sacrifice pigeon's fidget
Was created by ancient midgets
My kamikaze cronies
popping junk can't join my team

Down in the meadow
Darkening the heels
Of the down-and-out animals
Of dower day and sour mouth
Will empty from
talking with a bitch
I just finished spazzin' on a bitch
Now I'm pillow talking with a bitch

I'm like girl that was great, talk about a connection
animals we kill each other for the hatred of others 
We must move into the suburbs and punish the rich for their ignorance 
For the horror of death  that
imposters give you a bowl of superstition
It’s GOD over Money honey, the New Edition
I make my peace by bathing beneath the crucifixion
While they Judas