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Standing buttholes, the line goes down the block
Familiarity is more convincing
Funds available erect the monument
Dead is dead I guess
It's that time of year again 
I can taste the air 
The clocks go back railway track 
Something blocks the line again 
And the train runs late for
these roller coasters in my mind whirl by
Lines around the block just for one ride
Round and round and round, like I'm used to
Round and round
Now it's two o'clock
Line's around the block
Waiting for the parade
When the dark of night
Or the bright sunlight
Has you runnin' for shade (yeah)
to see the show 
You'll enjoy the Cafe D'Escargot 
Folks are in a line around the block 
Just to see her do the can-can-Jacques 


Boat on the Charles
Train on a spur down by the riverside
The door's open wide
Planes in a line just seven miles away

They leave every day

Unlocked, lines for blocks and blocks 

Might be triflin, to call the cops 

Bring along paramedics 

But that won't help you, not even
And there's a line stretchin' around the block
And the sad man standin' at the door says the place is full of broken hearts

If you're here
comes in 
Coup d'etat
Give me a bomb
A molotov
It's a coup d'etat!
The generalisimo sets up shop
Step out of line, your neck's on the block
Right across from the wax museum they used to line up around the block 
A                    C            E
From east Tennessee and back down
And millions all want to bathe
In his glow
America Loves The Minstrel Show

They love me babe,
There's a line around the block
They love me
You and me got the whole day off
Take a trip to Vincent Van Gogh
But the line went halfway round the block
And we're looking for a place to rest
And I saw you pull up your socks
And I saw you out of the blocks
For the finish line

Darkness falls
The devil stirs
And as your vision blurs you
And I saw you pull up your socks
And I saw you out of the blocks
For the finish line

Darkness falls
The devil stirs
And as your vision blurs you
think about your habit
You little shit you only know the bottom line

The lift in the tower block stinks
The dragon lies asleep
The dealer gives a Kings
Friday night bout ten o'clock
Packed house, line around the block
The bands rockin' the dance floors full
Their crankin' up the speed
or mourners stretching down the block and around the corer
Yes, the line at the welfare line is way outta line

Well they say cutting AFDC isn't too race
to lovin' nobody wants to do it alone
Just under the covers must be hot
There's a line up around the block
I want the best thing that you've got
Load me
You're older, you're haunted,
You're ahead of your time.
In corners of acres of blocks of
Straight lines.
Blurringly, hourly we cross some
screaming babies are barking
And bulletproof
Lines wrapped around the block and I'm
Pressed up 'gainst you (Window to the sole)
Smash the glass I'm double
minute of your last breath
I'm the last entrance right before your last step
Shot a, Block papa, my block gotta
Cross the line - pay the fine (Ross) cop
I hold my hands in front of me to block my line of sight 
It seems my eyes are growing tired of staring in the light 
The more I see, the more I
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Seen shorty at the club line around the block
Said I know a better place if you down we rock
Too many clowns in the spot and I don't
enemies and in-betweens
Teacher are students, students are teachers
Low key or prestigious I reach you, you reach us
I see lines around the block in
the end of my days

Well a bus pulls up the honky tonk
And there's a line around the honky-block
Ya know, that's what these crackers love to see
Ya see