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Lil' Jon, Jennifer Hudson and Norah Jones
Mary J. Blige, with her shades on, I could tell by her stones
On the left, we have Lenny Kravitz, Puffy,

[Shawn Wigs]
It was amazing, I seen Robin Thicke and Robin Leech
Robin Williams, Robin Givens and Meryl Streep
A real award show, there's Kanye
Yeah, Robin Thicke
You know how it goes

Come on come on
Now you feeling like a pimp,
You got everything you want, no wonder
Come on come on
[Lil' Flip talking]
Lil' Flip,this for the ladies though
yeah this for the ladies

[Chorus: Lil' Flip]
I Cut 4 you but girl I got things to do
I bet
of lipstick
Got a shoppin' list for you to run some odds and ends with
It's not a bitch on this earth I can be monogamous with
She's non-existent
Hey, I'm just a youngin from Del Amo
(Lil' homie from the hood)
Yeah, with a belt by Ferragamo
(Yeah, bitch, I look good)
Hey, just doing want I
this shit for y'all, that's the damn thing
I've been waiting pretty long to get on some shit and rip it for Dicky
So just consider this my damn theme
correct shit
'Cause the first thing he asked is who gotta get hit

A shoot out in 89 fucked up how he walk
He a grimey ass nigga, you see how he talk