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the Streets you see Rick Ross is like the poor People President he represents the struggle he's the level of the hustle I am dj khaled and I'm gonna stand
[Rick Ross]
Ever seen a fat boy in a big body
Know you wanna sit by me, all you do is think bout it
Lease apartments to get kicked out it
Next day,
[Rick Ross]
Ever seen a fat boy in a big body
Know you wanna sit by me, all you do is think bout it
Lease apartments to get kicked out it
Next day,
Time to bust it wide open for a big boi

Big yellow thing, all black boots
Money like Mariah, Rehinna hair due

[Rick Ross:]
Ladies you are now tuned into the very best

Sho' Nuff songs

Jazze Phizzle
Rick Ross
Let's go Daddy

Rick Rizzle


[Verse 1:]
[Intro: Mannie Fresh (Rick Ross)]
OK, I'm reloaded (Ain't expect this)
The homey, Elvis Freshly (Uh huh) and Rick Ross-teen (Nigga)
He Back (I see
They love they way I shine
This world is mine, all mine

[Rick Ross]
Up early in the morning, got gold in my eye
Got a 4-5 that'll leave a hole in
Mo' money means more dough to blow
Mo' bottles, there's more dough to blow
Rick Ross got a lot of dough to blow

Way up in them Tallie Hills, burnin'
[Rick Ross (J. Holiday)]
You Might need a passport for this one
Its international
(And we got a special guess)
Guess who, boss!
(feat. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies)

DJ Khaled We're The Best
Who We Nigga
We're The Best
The Winner I Represent The Ghetto Across
wanna take us,
Cause we bringing all of the paper, n
From nothing, to something,
You know us we the Usual Suspects.

[Rick Ross]
17 trying man up,
like fuck friends
Cause even back then all they did was pretend
Now I got my own label Ice Age and I?m boss
I?m the mayor of this town with the key
[Intro: Lyfe Jennings] (Rick Ross talking)
It's my time (Rick Ross)
It's my time (Finna' lay back on this shit man)
(Dade County dope boy)
Rick Ross done fed you that garbage
This is not a dis
This is just a word for the dope boy
trapping and rapping dealing with life challenges
can't slow it down
Because I'm sitting on top of the world and I'm not comin' down

[Rick Ross:]
Burnin' butter got it smellin' like it's butterscotch
not a atheist
Wanted like kingpins by ATF
Your girl want my name on her chest
Me and Rick argue about whose chain is the best
Gucci boxers, my diet
then the races
*** on a Lear Jet
Rick Ross, I'ma real threat

I wear the *** like a girdle
Bulletproof car got me feelin' like a turtle, s***
These n***
acts of violence
This goes deeper than rap shit
He's worth eight figures
So young niggas, boss up
I present to you, Rick Ross, the boss

"Police have leads, but no strong description of the shooter or the shooters
Who appeard to have targetted South Florida based rapper Rick Ross as he drove
gettin the head like she was lettuces

Yah, them types be actin like they ain't sleazy

[Slick Rick]
Like this uptown chick playin
reload get ya face twist
Cartel cocaine by the cases (cases)
Cartel mo' cars then the races (races)
A-K's on a lear jet (g-4)
Rick Ross I'ma Real
ride, I ride for Trey-0-5 
Trick Daddy! (When I ride, I ride for Trey-0-5) 
Rick Ross! 
The Bottom! 
Listen Nigga! 

Till a nigga D-I-E,
I'd like to thank the hood homie is all behind me


I'm so hood
Trick Daddy, T-pain, Rick Ross
Nigga we so hood
We the best
that shit

[Rick Ross]
Let's get it

[Ace Hood]
Eh knock knock, bang bang
Where the cash at
If you ain't got it leave you bloody like a tampax
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Yayo, ross 
This is D- Block
This is D- Block 
This is D- Block 
This is D- Block DDDDD you know my name 

( rick