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Fast death, disenchanted by life
Marked by envy and scorn
Show to the world his mortal hate
Die with regret
There's no light and there's no air
Whipped in the eye by the sand
Malicious have light of day obscured
The sun has burned my skin
Open wounds are licked by sand

To be punished by
wisdom and bring your pestilence 

Rectify, with haste your wrath awakened 
Malfeasance, you scorn this world 
Enshrined by grace, your shadows blinds
Kept warm by the light of the lantern
Lost sight of everything tonight
My presence blackens their pattern
A pock in the healthy and calm 

Consumed by tongues ov fire
Burning like Phlegethon
Holy gardens reduced to ash
Extinguishing light ov hope
Bringing the end ov the days

I saw you walking round the house tonight
Trying to catch a glimpse of what's inside
Driven by some mix of curiosity
And a bit of nostalgia

Fire of the sun
Flowers crumble into dust
The seed shall scatter and die
Light in her eyes

Pours black on their lives
We gather round
made the darkness bright
Greater lights to rule by day
Lesser tights to rule by night.

Nothing or no one can change them
Adjust or even rearrange them
Join us, in this quest to satisfy 
Join us, and none shall mortify 
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn 
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn 
by forces born from danger
Cleaning hands where virtues live on ice

In mother's scorn
Blood was born
A war unknown to us all

See the rays
creature laughed out its scorn to the dawn
The sun wasn't able to send down its light, swallowed by thoughts in my mind
Dark was my conscience, I was
As the dying sun sets behind the mistveiled mountains
And the shadows grow deep amidst the Aeidolon Fangs
The snowclad peaks almost hid by the cold
the ever-dark coil
Yet, always alert it its slumber
Scorn by the drops of light
Piercing through the surface
And it screams

The soul is never silent
the doubt somehow they knew
And stone by stone they built it high
Until the sun broke through
A ray of hope, a shining light Ammonia Avenue
With hearts of midnight, brightened by his infernal light
We stand as a monolith of wrath, united under the goath of a thousand young
Two horns
and bound to earth they are trapped and framed by the lies
That god is good and that they are bringers of sins and heretic lies
These masters guide the way
of truth, we were burning
And we saw the dim sun swallow the sky

Cast out by the scorn of men
In the desert of faces

Can we live without shame?
Can we die
Drops of new gleaming
In the flesh new morning light
My body cold and trembling
I've left the safety of the night
I sit here on the ground
By my side
somehow they knew
And stone by stone they built it high
Until the sun broke through
A ray of hope, a shining light Ammonia Avenue
Truth may one day smile
Now I think scorn to sigh
You fear by pale-white shown
Heavy spellcraft grown...

All pride is welkin's pride
and so is
the well
The black hole to hell
Its evil must never arise I can tell
Holy mission
Forever he's sworn
To protect our world from hatred and scorn
He will
of Christ are down-trodden with scorn
In the dark, odiferous earth

We embrace like two lovers at death
A monument to the trapping of breath
& autumn leaves are turning brown
Night light
I look to find you not around
& the wind blows
Scorn into the face of fools who
I asked the world a question
When did you begin?
I asked him of his problems
When did you go wrong?
My singing cells have power
An army by my
come to reap, to triumph
Reap the souls of fools, marked by light
Rejoice in eternal power and eternal sin

Manifest thyself, scorch the land