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of tomorrow
Follow the steps of Africa's rap in the ghettos making it spressed up
Yo we bring the light we do it tonight
Alicia keys and mos def bring it
I've seen Jesus play with flames in a lake of fire that I was standing in
Met the devil in Seattle and spent 9 months inside the lion's den
Here's my, ghetto story (Story) 
Been in hell through the fire, now, gonna take it higher (This a survival story, true ghetto story) 
Here's my
Disease disease, disease my friend
For this whole world's in devil's hand
Disease disease, disease my friend
Throw the key or you may die

Disease disease,
And they gon' risk a hundred lives 
So they could rock a hundred whites 
The guests look like a hundred lights 
Man when blade down my city, cried
getting trapped in the light by fixation
Truly free, love it baby, I'm talking no inflation
Too many war wounds and not enough wars
Too few rounds in
of me

All that I am is for You
My Savior
I live by Your word
And surrender to You
Here where I stand in this moment Father
My spirit has been
to burst just like you were a bubble
Frame me up on your walls, to keep me out of trouble
Like a moth getting trapped in the light by fixation
Truly free,
Light up the night
Were living on a wire
We choose you loose
Nobody body catches fire
Were free you'll see
We live by our desires

Riding in
The bright light is lying down
The earth and the sea and the sky
Is at rest with the ocean
And the days go by

They go into the seas that have no
of me

All that I am is for you
My Savior
I live by your word
And surrender to you
Here where I stand in the moment father
My spirit has been
Oh my angel unburdened by the race
I'll go down burning in your embrace

On fire, on fire
My tremolo
You're my fire

Don't take away my
And we never lived, no, we just survived.
And we never lived. We just survived."

I'll take my heart. I'll take my key.
And find out who could
eyes, yeah the fire's in your eyes.

All my life I wanted to be on the big stage
They went ahead and unleashed the tiger from the cage
Comin' through
in Jaguars
Open fire when you see me yell out and make em whisper
The club that I'm a member, they'll be gone by November
Keys to the city got killers
Your Spirit lives within me
Your Spirit lives within me

This fire burns in my soul
Let the light of Heaven glow
For all the earth to see You
your fingers in my eyes
Just like somebody blind by hate
No they cannot see

Spray the masses with gunfire
Foreign pigs will live in fear
a fire 
My life streaks across my span of time
As seen by those who live their lives
In search of light to help them
Through the long, dark, night,
to give
In this heart set loves,
That’s where my Christmas lives.

Snow on the window, asleep by the fire
Somehow these children never get tired
Stained by hate 
I'm here for the fight 
Creating my own right 
Like fire creates the light 

I'm rising to a strange perfection 
Of inferior
heart right here with me.

You said you'd realized in life that chances pass you by,
And what you thought was yours, slowly fades before your eyes.
and the wind
And the fire and the soul
Love is above and beyond any eye to behold
Love is the key and the cause
And its makin' us whole

Made me a little
I dreamed I saw Jesus last night

seated on a mountain in the moonlight.

His hands held a key to a cabin

that cabin I'd dreamed of all my life.
what's divined
The seven seas are far away
Placed in the valley of dust heat and sway


Throw the first key into the sea of hate

Spray the masses with gunfire 
Foreign pigs want to live in fear 
They never learn 
Light the match and flames burn higher 
I need