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a nigga spasms
Make the average female listen to close and have a orgasm
I have em by the tens of thousands lightin my fire
'Cause livin through me they
invented, with the heat
Yo mos def how you radiate to make it complete

Right, so when I shine the light crabs wince
Manifestin for the future here in
sure seem rude
For fam like the partridges, pardon him for the mix-up
Battle for your Atari cartridges or put your kicks up, it's a stick up

Now put
it's, all in the mix
to the Motel 6, because I figure
If bags was bait she bit 'em hook line and sinker
I'm out now, until next week, mission complete
the one person who was my guiding light, my friend, my hero, was
killed by a drunk driver in a head-on collision. He died instantly. I
couldn't even bring