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Lifesize [Import Bonus Tracks] (Mrnorth) · Lifesize (Mrnorth)

We stood so tall we caught a plane
By the wing and held it
Until we found it a place to land
We laid across the ocean wide
Bridged the gap in record

Try to look at my reflection
You see it's getting bigger fast
By the time it looks lifesize
I'll be soaking wet wondering how
I ended up
going to run away,
Run away to the Fortress of Solitude
It's okay, everything is life-size
We're going to run away
Run away to the Fortress
the glitter so well I lost it
Left my Las Vegas ambitions behind 
But never be fooled by the black 
Underneath all this simplicity 
Spins a disco ball heart
her self-destruct as she gets old

She put up defensive shields, to walk through all of life's minefields
All defined by make-up and a car behind
Someone's dad passed out in the street
The wind-up key woker bees
Buzz right on by
At night he still lies
There 'cause nobody cares

Insects with
pickup drove up. It had KC lights, tractor tires, 
everything but the CB. It was a life-size Hot Wheels car for some dumb rich kid, 
right. Well, they