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It goes: life  difficult times  and mad crimes 
Some pay the price  while others refine 
Blessed are those who struggle    God loves you
We love that color 25% more like we like to face prison
But just because the president was black there's no racism?
Postracial? More like most

And now the people shall know
That with Rastafari they shall no longer suffer
Love is all the earth shall replenish for the better
And now
Dying by my hand

A black age of fire
Brief in its vicious eloquence
Removing the dross
Love will arise from the ashes of your loss

detectors with plastic German lugers
With all rubber bullets, my dogs, they love to pull it
Stay black hooded, dunn, Timberland footed
Deadly dialect,
to resin. 
that was not enough. 
it was not enough that we were chained to leg irons, black on black with a piss stained wall forced to heed nature's call
a death trap
I'm tryna find out where the eggs in the nest at
I want blood when the sky turns jet black
No love in the world can correct that
I'm in
and dwell inside my frame
You restrain the waves
And tame fierce lions
I mean fierce liars, crush empires
We all hanging by a thread cutting at the wires
speeds around the universe)

In this world there's only one way out
Close your eyes then
You're in the lion's den in a state of zazen
The black hearse
Stressed all the homies just to show they mean business
Rushed 'em with the quickness, killed 'em with the sickness
Tried to save his life, give him
I've got this problem with my aging I no longer can ignore 
A tame and toothless tabby can't produce a lion's roar 
And I can't help being
and did
But fuck it I'll take my own life
And cut a vein Black
Why don't you do like the cartoons
And tie me up to the train tracks
Or fuck the glory
with my father's name
And every black "you're not black enough"
Is a white "you're all the same"
Mm Food like Rapp Snitch Knishes
'Cause it's oreos,
Animals don't have a choice.
If they're not happy with their place in the world too bad.
They have to live the life they've been given.
gats by the stomach
Act up and stack hundreds
Niggas don't want it, see me I be the ring leader, Lion tamer
Do the bankhead and Macarena
A black
gats by the stomach
Act up and stack hundreds
Niggas don't want it, see me I be the ring leader, Lion tamer
Do the bankhead and Macarena
A black
by the harm and armor posse
Prolly got me on a radar with a dot
These watching, plotting minions of the lower God scene
Shit hawks abound, in
Blood on the shores transformed to Crimson Tide
I built with Crazy Horse, made a black sun spack
The smoke shack was beat on by drum back stack
for mistakes and depression
And with that being said my nigga, let me ask this question

When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?
When shit hit
lower middle class family with only one brother Michael whom I love
dearly. He was five years my senior. My father's nickname was Red which I
the youngest
Twenty-two years of being brave as a lion
And that's, with or without the iron
Fools wanna (STRESS YA), then they wanna (TEST YA)
Then you gotta