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With no goodbyes
Yeah yeah, alright
Let me see your hands in the air

Da B, da O, da U, da T
It is what you are baby
Da H, da O,

Remember me like I was FED time
The only thing that I knew, to live my life was doing crime
Even as a young nigga, all I ever
know (uh uh) you know You'd be a fool if you tell me 'no' and I can't let you pass me by Just fly out of my life With no goodbyes Yeah yeah, alright Let
rippin' up all of your hoe shit
Approachin' Da Scarecrow'll butcher and
Tearin' up niggas wit double edge
Lyrical thought as they go the lyrical legacy
myself, or I roll with Trae
A.B.N. for life, focused on making the world pay
If you love living your life, leave me alone
Fuck rap, I live the life I
Comin down now
Spice 1
Ya know
Jah man
Come again

Everybody want to go to heaven
But don't nobody want to die
Life's too sweet
The youngest guerilla in here mayn, Young Dyno
In here with Trae, D and S.L.A.B
We representing this to the fullest mayn, AK's loaded

Young wild niggaz livin street life on the edge
not knowin if tomorrow they could turn up dead.
Yo fuck regular cops niggaz get scoped by
tryin' to make a change, throw stones if I'm wrong
If you can do it better then by all means
Shoot for the stars but stop crushin' all my life?s dreams
Helicopters over my house (my house)
Takin pictures of a brother in his draws wit his thing out (uhh)
Livin the life of a suspected crook
Cause I
got children and a beautiful wife
The kinda money that you make nigga you set for life
Enjoy your self man you only live once
Take your family