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The universe is ruled by the strong
The strong prey on the weak
The sky's owned by the dawn 
(This is a lesson, so follow me
Let's travel at magnificent
a ball-peen hammer
Get rich quick, sure.. End up dead on a curb
or be alive like a ghost in a drive-by suburb
Pressure.. That's the lesson here
and my boy we handle that ya know?
I can do it by myself but I still need a little backup ya know?
[King George]
Yeah, you got No Limit records straight
busting shots at ya'
They trying to topple your regime, the gestapo with the cream
Got plots to cop nukes from russian mafia
By who's poll is George Bush
a second time to photobomb it
I live by a code of demonic, Illuminati, Obama, Hovanomics
Hold up, hurdles in life, I hop in a Turbo and roll around 'em