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Lie Lie Lie (Serj Tankian) · Daniel Powter (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter [2007 CD/DVD] (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter [Bonus Track] (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter [French Import] (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter [2006 CD/DVD] (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter (Daniel Powter) · Smooth Sax Tribute to Daniel Powter (Bennett Carl) · Daniel Powter (Daniel Powter) · Daniel Powter [Japan Bonus Track] (Daniel Powter) – and 90 other albums »

[Japanese bonustrack]
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow]

When I was a little child, I once found a bird lying on the ground.
It would not ever fly
a message in the music ain't a part of the game
A, coincidence that we livin' a lie
A, coincidence that we only get by
A, coincidence that so many are lost
to it, no hula hoop
And I can’t lie like I like this shit like I usually do
And I'm just not impressed by you niggas rapping fast
Who sound like one big
I wanna share some shit with y'all
All truth, all truth

Like I'm standing inside a Tabernacle
I promised not to lie in not one of these
a video
Let's face it we need a scandal on a tv-show
Gimme a cheesy hook to push it on the radio
I'm in the biz, I've gotta know
Believe me, that's
shitty old boozers
We can be grown men, listening to music
Real music. Played with heart by real bands
Not just posers looking like they’re
revolutionized Fellies for Timbo?s
He?s the star in his own music video,
Jacob the jeweller?s asleep on his arm
Been off duty since he nicked it off some tourist