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I'll be with her tonight

And little foot page he was standing by
And heard all that was said
He says Lord Daniel shall know tonight
Before I go
He'll fortify
And like the eagles we will fly
We're gonna fly

Late one night in a fever dream
The Prophet Daniel came to me
"Sir," I said, "I've
I cursed that day for showing me my own mortality
For then I knew that all that lives turns cold. Cold and dead.
And now time has passed by beneath my
"Come with me, Father." He
Grabs his father by one hand. The father
Gets the magic wand, the boy gets the
Ukelele. They run across the field. People
to credibility
Hundred proof the vocal booth, a moonshine distillery
Jack you like Daniels, hourglass sand granules
Hand-to-hand combat, man killed by animal
Who's that girl? You let me lie
All summer night, reachin' for nine
On stand by, all at a time
You get high, and you testify

I got a text
I wanna share some shit with y'all
All truth, all truth

Like I'm standing inside a Tabernacle
I promised not to lie in not one of these
gotta be a lie 'cause it just bought me a house
It just gave me a deal, I'm just 'bout to come out
Shit, I just got my budget and I don't know what they
some? Come and get some, boys
I'm givin' Daniel Pantaleo a refresher course
On excessive force and pressure points
And dressin' George Zimmerman in