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Ain't no question 'bout this paper
My mind is on a different angle
Wish I could cop that coupe for all my good niggas
I thank you, good riddance
Hibernating in guilt
Laden realizations of all that we have killed

And we say 'good riddance to their kind'
Committed to the crime
The bees
start forgettin'
Yes, I'm gonna start forgettin'
Right now
Go on, take my share
'Cause I don't want her
And now, she's gone, good riddance, goodbye
many enemies
And them I single out
What does it concern me about?
Good riddance to my native country
It never did a thing for me
It's a better life
somewhere downstream
Well, we picked up Harry Truman floating down from Independence
We said "What about the war?", he said "Good riddance"
We said "What
I had disengaged to avoid being totaled 
I would run away and say good riddance soon enough 
I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling
of tenderness
And no one saw you cry but me, yeah
Your friends heard you say, "Good riddance, I'm better without her"
But fess up, you thought about diving
When that No Limit tank start hittin'
Nigga them gats start spittin, good riddance
You better run like "The Running Man"
but if you ain't
answered by the bottle
And that's suicide; genocide; all
Tears still falling while the rhythm keeps flowing
And her last name now good riddance, she
BANG! good riddance
walked away singing melodies
I just committed some murders by the trees
saw some bush-es, so I took a piss
and you don't
I take you out to movies, wine dine the whole nine?"

She condoned, good riddance, nigga slid her somethin'
Didn't want to get to bone her, though
to stick him or kiss your stupid ass good riddance 

[Junior Reid] 

Take me from my wonderful home, oh 

Carry me to here in Rome, no 

the fence
Tough offensive line men couldn't stop the blitz.
Them niggas inside, a couple kittens
And this right here: good riddance.
Nigga fuck around,
said to you
I take back everything except the part
Where I said we were through

Good riddance and goodbye, take your promise turned to lies
the fucking ground
Hands upon your head kid do as I said
Kid it's too late you're dead, good fucking riddance
And if I get bagged I'ma do the life sentence
we all would benefit
Good riddance to this nigga, he so raw and ignorant
Useless piece of shit, his dick probably little
Can't do nothing right, how
won't be seen by none of the homies 

but tha homie Nate Dogg spots me 

and say Yo what's happenin 

No you don't know me no more 

when ya pass me
'Cause we're dealin' with identity theft

(You need an education)
I don't see why I got to
(You need a good degree)
As to assimilate

So little time, so
I'm the Puerto Bliccan, spittin' with the street smarts retards
Good riddance to the niggas on the R&B charts

[Hook] 2x
You need street smarts for
the price!?
25 to life or you living? I'd rather you see dead
Good riddance - your head fucking splitting
Release aggression, swing a fist
blast a gun, crack
the slammer.
I guess he thought that I forgot, but no
I didn't; for the one that caught the slug - good riddance.
And if you want to run for the trees
of herb!
I walk among the living hidden, but spitting, they bid me good riddance,
'Cause nobody knows what I've written!
Zecharia Sitchin' in Hell's
the slammer.
I guess he thought that I forgot, but no
I didn't; for the one that caught the slug - good riddance.
And if you want to run for the trees