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Especially you who justify your rational lives
You're killing in the name of God almighty 

Cowards and crooks
Surrounded by liars
No place for you to live
Liar's fires burn
Melting ice of trust
Endless filthy days
Laugh of evil lust

Come inside my painless world
alone again, again 

I can see a liar, sitting by the fire
Trouble in his heart, laughing at the thought
Coming as he goes into overdose
I wonder
You've got to live by the pen 'cause it's mightier than the sword
You've got to live by the pen 'cause it's mightier than the sword
Every man is
to tell a story, ohh, baby!
Blood on the walls, street life

America's worst nightmare, ahead by light years
Hip hop's only shining star in the night's
his image: his rock and his glock
And if he lives to see 20, he will beat the clock
He's got his ride and he's fried and girls by his side
He makes
I'm a Love Cheat
And you look so sweet
Can take you home where I live
Lay you by the fire
Love me, lady
I'm a liar

The curtain's closed
Brought to you before a live studio audience
And it was created by adolescents
Singing cash that check and check that cash that check
No one says that
liar! You fake! I will not sacrifice the way I live, it's all for something more. I don't believe you. I don't believe a word that you say because I know
the feeling that I should be a-running.
A half a million tigers to live within the city, 
To see us in the jungle isn't very pretty. 
Can I get by? Will I
of everything,
Not handled, greedy handlers
Brought down and destroyed
By their own ways-
Liars! Liars! smoking on pipes.
Diamond fires
Who Just throw it in

Land land of Liberty we're run
By a constipated man
When you live in the past
You refuse to see
When your daughter comes home nine months
And it's sung by the unemployed
Fight fire with a riot
The class war is hanging on a wire
Because the martyr is a compulsive liar
When he said
hopes and everyone's
And anyone worth a minute of your time
When unhampered by the agents
Of the governors of the faceless so opaque

As bare tree's
We played with the fire
Burning souls in the flames
Call me a liar
But now it's not the same
Silently creeping
Soon we were torn apart
By what once
listening to Korn
Hit the hotel
Bought out all the rooms smoking out the whole floor
Fans in the lobby standing by the brochures
Knocking on the door
girls, money, and fame

I play their game, and then they scream my name
I will show no shame, I live and die for this
If I come off soft, then chew on this
of everything,
Not handled, greedy handlers
Brought down and destroyed
By their own ways
Liars! Liars! Smoking on pipes.
Dimwit fires
Who Just throw it in
Clappin' at ya ass with one of them things

I gots to live by my pride
'Cause I came to Ruff Ryde or die
And I gots to shut down ya name

Jim Bakker got eaten by wombats
Fever's spread to town
Ol' Doris Day has been taken away
Has anybody seen my downs?

Popeye got killed in combat
out to face them, one by one.
I went out to face them. One by one.

I said "Goodbye, Mary-anne!"
As you turn to watch me.
"Don't cry, Mary-anne.
I'm pushed and pulled and shunted,
Man-handled and man-hunted,
By those faceless names.
You've got nine lives,
I've got eight,
I just can't wait
Saints bastards
Lacivicious priest, abuser
Perversious act covered up
Priesthood violated the truth
Bastard saints

Liars, who are you to abuse lives
lived right

Some would call me a cheat call me a liar
Say that I've been defeated by the basest desired
Yes I have strayed and succumbed to my vices
and queens
Like a cancer on the face of desire
For reality is not what it seems
And the rules were written down by a liar