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Call it puppy love, Curtis and Tisha in the tree

She was pregenant by me once, glad she didn't have it
'Cause I be paying child
the cow in here.

Girl: Grover..

Grover: Hmm?

Girl: I've had quite enough! I quit!

Grover: Hmm. Oh well. O.K. Come on, cow. Let's go home.

Cow (pulled
all bitches
The Benzes, Range Rovers and sixty-four switches
The C.I.A., Feds and even dogs sniffin'
I plant a bomb right by the bar when it starts
And I read every line (I read every line)
Oh I know you would laugh
But I was born the sentimental k-i-ind

Honey, there's a hundred crazy
by your message 
It's funny I haven't noticed for a while 
My next door neighbour has the nicest smile 
If I remember her name I'll never forget her
[Featuring K Dee  K.B.] 

[Talking K Dee] 

Call me if you change your mind 


I see you like takin your chances 

But if your
and Hennessy
I can pimp a butterfly for the energy
Game I need acapella

There I go, give me a minute, nigga
'Bout to hit a home run, K. Dot, grab
He send me letters telling me how grown men be crying
When they surrounded by rapists with lustful eyes in
The belly of the beast where they don't
take the world by storm
Sky blessed, the land of the brave
Understand where I stand, my hand is made
From B R double-O K-lyn in the planet
featuring J Treds 


Mr. Len  a.k.a. Space Ghost  please commence intro 

Company Flow  perform  J Treds  prepare 

El P
The penny arcades, hangin out by the pool hall
Used to bop down the block with the box, old school, y'all
Fellas said 'ho', the ladies screamed 'aw'
But that