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at a court run towards camera
Her response to that was just "Check, please"
Fuck that my man you can't let these (moments)
Pass you by like "tick tock"
My dogma
A trait of this war
Leads to an endless oblivion
I can't see beyond this fixation
As it gouged my eyes out

I'll fall
But never hit
Bankrupt and buried by war that is carried out
By messengers now
Was born here and married too young staring
The nose of the barrel down
Went milk
you seen that star before?
How quickly dreams can change
When constellations are at war

Hey lonestar, it's alright

Did you look up to find
You were
padlocks in my socks
Steel from the bed springs, I touch 'em with thug love
And then let they heads ring, started a war but now I'm gone
Release me
a land by the sand, grab the money
Plastic the life, end of the century
People actin' fake can't see the omens
Wake up yourself รข??cause change is
of the Falkland Islands war
You head home and you're accosted by a youngster wearin' robes
And wanting money for his God who sits upon a plastic throne
flee the battle
Wipe your ass, it's time to put on your war paint

Throw the spear
Let your hatred fly
Throw the spear
Let your hatred fly
of age tense and bitter-eyed
Can't create so they just destroy
Let's set someone's dog on fire

Empty plastic
Culture slum suburbia
Is a war
by a
Person that I thought I trusted, where I live
It's a war at the cribs, walk with a strap
Myself 'cause I don't want nobody's son on my back
the white horse, remorse, never the case
Every corner of the world, the battle is taking place
Let the war drum set the pace, you face fire
Resume, from
lock n' load, lets ride

Orange cones and yellow tape
Palm trees swayin', passers by all look the other way
Nobody speak to police this or any other
divorce our current leaders with no remorse 
Crash course position the miniature plastic soldiers 
Onto the carefully drafted, disastered dirt war 
What is
Has been covered by a giant plastic slide

So I'm sitting on this bench just reminiscing
About the years when all I had to do was play
When I
On the worst day, your birthday, that's when I cut you down
Let me show you how, to make this money by the pound
Get a black dickie fit, can't forget the hundred
of a parachute Mr. Drug War Junta-Man himself George Bush used when he bailed out of that bomber in World War II?

Hemp was illegal by then, but farmers were
decapitating parking meters when the pigs blew the whistle like Winslow
I went to jail over night for putting a sticker on a phone booth, now by the time ya'll
Ok, let the fuckin dogs come through ok?
Get the fuck out the way man
And let the fuckin dogs come through ok?
This belongs to us man.
Wake the dead when we perform
We'll weigh more bodies and dead by dawn
Ill child, Black label Society
We Zakk Wyld on you bitches so live in fear
askin' names, now you in plastic mane
Point blank, mash the pain, you fallin' like acid rain
Motivated by the dollars now you niggas gotta follow
I told
us like cigarettes, need a light, nigga?
Used to chastise or string us up to spite niggas
War to fight for the culture, instead we eaten by vultures
[Lil Wayne]
Okay, let's cut the crap
I'm straight gangsta - forget the rap
I only stick with that 'cause my ma don't wan' see me
soldiers, I thought I told ya

Let's get ready to rumble, them niggas stumble
Hit em with left blows
Fuck it got death blows
Ready to got to war? Let's go!
brown paper bag money
This for my strippers getting black plastic bag money
We're talking that bad money, that I.R.S can tax money you dig me

shit man

Lets wreck this motherfucker baby what's happenin'
What You want to do nigga?

I, I wanna, I want to Smash it (Smash) 
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