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and recycle
We got to stop the over-population

But most important of all
We got to build a Deth Starr

Deth Starr it's a fucking ship
It's a son
Now you say it's the end
Oh, but I think we can start over again
Just to think of the time
We were mellowed by spices of love

Let's not pretend
the flame, throwin' their rain, it's over
Prayed to Jehova, jiggaz up, the game's over
(All City what, All City what?! Fuck Dat!
Yo Sticky) {wassup nigga?}(
the message and start to believe

Sweet Bells (Süßer die Glocken nie klingen)
Let's keep the christmas bells ringing, not just one day of the year
that's all across the planet
Kenn Starr, Oddissee, Phonte's the answer
No question y'all take your chances

We liven it up for the world to understand
high and starts taking out wack niggas
Then fly up into the sky and use my lyrics as a trigger
Always Pull It , let the bullet slide through to the left
Yes er run by

If the sunshine, see
Let it 
Just remember it's not over

It's the start of a new day
Waiters on your shoulders
everything that's near to me nearer to the fire.

Atlantic City by the cold grey sea
I hear a voice crying, "Daddy," I always think it's for me,
But it's
give a row
Atlantic A-D-see is what I'm always givin' up
So niggas see-ware of the notorious "Panic Zone"
Crazy S-be	-G
By the way it's Mr. Gangsta Bone
[Hook: x 2]
It wasn't for this, it wasn't for that
Ohh, best believe a better world

[Talib Kweli--talking over chorus]
Yes, ladies

What's the deal, fam? What's the real plan, shortie flashed
Knockin' over trash like she was runnin' a 40 yard dash
Let's hit the club
Hey, it might never be the same 
We might never live those days gone by 
But we can try 

Good morning 
Let's kick the babies out of bed 
doubt, I bought it all out
{Kid I'm ready to go to war!}
(Ay yo yo yo, chill let's play it smart
 And catch em by surprise
 We'll do it on the ninjas
The same reflection, perpetual
And start over again and again and again and again
This insurrection

A broken voice without a word to live by
snuck out,
But now I'm rollin over you full blast,
I'm here to let you know no longer will the bull last,
And she's tellin lies about bernard ? smith,
that I ap-ply (ap-ply)
My peeps mass, karma N.Y. (N.Y.)
Check it out, you see you other emcees, sound like brother emcees
Raised by the same pop
smile and pretend

I'm a million miles away from it all
And let it go right over my head
Let 'em chase and the winner take all
And let it go right over my
And I shoulda let it known what your government names are
To make sure you +Take It Personal+ like Gang Starr, motherfuckers

"I got one lyric, pointed
And the crabs around yo' ass start singin' the yankee doodle doo!

Aww fuck it I give up
Well it's Christmas time again
Decorations pearl hung by the fire

Everybody's singing
All the bells are ringing out
And it's Christmas all over
[Intro: Fredro Starr]
Just to let you know this is recorded 9/11/2001
The day the World Trade Center blows up
Shit is real, son
Shit hit home, kid,
that english that's broke as hell
That's why my niggaz in the hood understand me so well
Its the modern rap type talk
Used to walk, all over your ears
Please don't make him stop
Let him take it from the top
Let him start all over again
would like to start all over again
Baby, can I change my mind
Cause I would like to change my mind

[You know, I was confused, sitting here by myself
to the memories that we all had
Here's to tomorrow, let yesterday pass us by

Tonight we'll be starting all over again
And it feels like the first time