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around, but a beat, bobbing free-wheeling guy,
But this lean Adam Green found this motel is how I get by,

I got a hole in my berol, Cheryl,
She let me
tryin to hit you on the phone
to let you know that it's hot as cole
all around the globe
tippi toes what I'm flickin on
passin by these hoe like
or record he sell I get a piecey
Easy, believe me, my words is credible
Ask Nat Cole huh, I'm unforgettable
Don't let the QB get a hold of your guy
a party if you niggas wanna try me surprise I even got some fire works fo ya pop the trunk get the gift side let me show ya niggas treat that coke like
at afterparties in heaven
Thank God my intro was peace to the 7's, let's go!

[Chorus: singers]
Battle me, so you can see
How I blast flows, so easily
Battle me, so