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where we goin' (okay)
If you don't love yourself you can't love nobody
Keep up nigga (okay) I love myself
You goin' need to travel ladies, you go
it come
I'm singin? a song and movin? yay by the ton
You never seen a nigga gettin? money so young

How I get from the pen all the way to Berlin
tried there's a riot so flip on the news
And let's go reach the 98th here in oaktown
But let's just say for story's sake that it's in your town
on a silver steed.

Ain?t never gonna look on back

Slept down by the water?s edge

By a railroad track.


Never let ?em go, never get away

give you props and shout you out in my song

where you gonna go when you can't get high now
Who you gonna call when you feel so low
Where you gonna turn
to let all the shit go to your head
The janitor that you killed was another MC instead

But you didn't use a gun, your song was just hotter than his
say daddy your song is awesome
Instead of gang bangers in school won't let up
I'm fed up I'm wondering if you can come up an red up
You shut up,
and my soul 
That's gonna be how I roll, from now until I'm old 
Lead and I'll follow, you take away the sorrow 
I'mma sleep on what you said and holla
another (what?) distracted by the rush while
We fight all night about what to name the love child
I'm on that go nuts life that got that gold touch
found yourself falling into madness so you dove
The best thing you ever did was let go

[Repeat x2]
I found myself falling into madness so I dove
what it's like to be a man
Knowing when you look inside yourself you see a nigga
And you don't wanna let her down
But you too young for the settle down
telling me
But I have seen soldiers first hand
And its not what y'all sellin' me

So could you please
Pull your brand from the shelf
And anymore songs
lets give it. )
Stop complaining (I wonder what do they say about me?)

Is he a role model we can all follow full throttle
So we don't bother having
Go for your guns, son
Let's get it on
My vest is on
Protectin' home, it's only Flesh-N-Bone

Think I'm a murder, light up a spliff