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Fisher) at # 3 in 1952

Maybe you'll think of me when you are all alone
Maybe the one who is waiting for you
Will prove untrue, then what will you do?
Well, how about me?
Let me entertain you.
Is your soul for hire?
Let me entertain you.
Have you got the time?
In a bar in oklahoma
versions charted by Gordon Jenkins (#30) and Eddie Fisher (# 17)

Unless you give me your sunny smile
Unless you make living worth the while
Unless you
Let me tell you about a girl I know
She's my baby and I love her so
Every morning when the sun comes up
She brings me coffee in my favorite cup
Let me tell you about a girl I know
She's my baby and I love her so
Every morning when the sun comes up
She brings me coffee in my favorite cup
Don't let me pass you by

Tomorrow there will be no rain
Tomorrow there'll be no more pain
Tomorrow if you feel the same
Call me [x2]

beat her up
And now he won't let her in
So she's walking by his joint
In a black and blue dress
She looks at Louie who elbows Eddie who says
there every step that I take
Let's keep our eyes on the father above
I need you, you need me, we need love

Side by side by side by side
Walking together
So eh we'll give you call back in a couple of days, 
Yeah so um great stuff we'll talk soon thanks bye."

"Let me just read this."

Slow down, I'm not looking for an answer.
But at least not today.
Instead entertain me for the moment.
Oh this won't go away.

You speak to me
Fishers of men

Follow Me
Follow Me
Follow Me
Follow Me

At the end of myself
Judgment calls out my name
I've been looking for love
But I'm swallowed by
I hide me far away from trouble
The world outside me grows darker by the day
So I promise to stay here close beside You
Surely God would want His
13th day of August '54 I was five years old
Depending where you're counting from
Ma didn't tell me what was going abroad
No tales of things
[Verse 1 (Gabrielle, Eddie be and Josh)]

I never imagined someone could make me feel
Like I'm falling so deep I wanna believe it's real
Have you
never seem to write them down as good as you
Like I some where lost the keys that let me in

So I'm changing who I am
'cause what I am's not good
I'm gonna get you to take your heavy coat off
I'm gonna turn the heat up in the house
I'm gonna get you to lie down with me baby
Let the sun shine
[Repeat: x2]
Lord live within my heart.. Lord don't you ever stop..
Fill me up with what I need.. just have to ask I shall receive..

Keep some killers by my side and some riders by the telli
I'm ready to do now, who now, you now
Eddie wasn't ready when they drew that, booyow
She sheds tears for that dope boy
Shit, it is what it is for that dope boy
Handle minor biz for that dope boy
But thetell you by the greyhound
Don't talk, let me go on dreaming 
How your eyes they glow so fiercely I can tell you're inspired 
By the name you just chose for me, now what
Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune
But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room

My vibe humming it come from inside
we gonna say now
Then can you tell me, what, what we gonna do now
Where we gonna go now, what we gonna say now

Stop walking in pride, let the thief be
leave our bags behind
We'll entertain ourselves just watching the world go by

Is something wrong?
You don't look like you're having fun
The road is long
Let's Make a Deal at the dinner table 
Put you on tour, put your record on wax ("Trust me!") 
Sign your life on the X 
You eXit, X-off, but what you
to rhyme
and I'm always guaranteed to be on time
You're like me, you got good taste just look at my bod' and face
Microphone wizard is in the race and I