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Let me put my bag down and I'll tell you it all right from the start, 
Like the scarlet woman who would pick on the boys she thought were green,
Let me put my bag down and I'll tell you it all right from the start, 
Like the scarlet woman who would pick on the boys she thought were green,
[Barbra Streisand]
Hear it,

[Michael Crawford]
Feel it,

[Barbra Streisand and Michael Crawford]
Secretly posses you...
Open up your mind, let your
to kill everbody lyrically, specifically till her pants drop
I'm iller than Shaq, thriller fans watch me
Murder many men in Michael Myers mask not a Silver
Radio station, on vacation
Wonder where Run was, damn be patient
Comin' to the rescue, people won't let you
Forget about my DJ, and my crew
this confusion's got me losing my grip
I can't believe you're out there flying with somebody else

Now Jason's getting married in the blink of an eye
to stab me in the gut, so I dazed him with a uppercut (BING!)
Snapped the neck on Michael Myers then I freaked it; cause it was August
And he was talkin
And keep you there
'Til you no longer care
And you can let go now

It's wrong for me
To cling to you
Somehow I just needed time
From what was to be
By Michael Robert ℗ 2008

Breathe in me Move through me 
Holy Spirit I come Light the Fire in me
Breathe in Me

Let my life be
By Michael Robert

Let my heart meditate 
On the love You have for me
The way You set me free
Purify my lips With Your coal of fire
Lord give me Your
Michael Martin Murphey

From my window shadows of the buildings in the night
Run like a river, broken only by city lights
Running like a thousand
the door!)
But I'll never forgive me (Jason!)
Why not? (I care, I care about you)
The Army never trained me to care
You don't know the horror of living in
Judas kiss
Kiss of betrayal
I will not let it break me
You come my way come my way
Oh baby oh baby
I will not let it break me

Here you come
By Michael Robert ℗ 2008

Lord I?ve lost sight of the way You love me
And I am so blind to the ways You move in my life

Touch my
on us,
Sad that we're apart
Don't wanna talk about it -- don't make me think about it
So please don't speak of my heart.

Written By: Gerry Rafferty
Freakin it, with the ill vocal tone
Outspoken, here's a token of my appreciation
I bring drama like Jason
Who can see me?  You better ask Superman
for his
I'm switchin' to psycho
The darkside... Freddy, Jason, Michael, and chuckie

Candy man, Leather Face young g
These killers will never die cause they
my eyes
If Danger wants to find me
I’ll let him in, he can find me

Trouble needs a home girls
A covert abode
From Tucson to Ohio
Back through Tobacco
the smith and wesson, I'm taking yo blessings
Smoking a Michael Vick 7, preach to these niggas like reverends
No Jason and Freddy, I keep the Machete
a runaway from the past
Girl, we've got a love worth keeping 
Maybe there's a way to let it go
Someday when your demons are sleeping 
Let me know, let
ankles dawgg
I'm kinda like Shaq, no one could hold me
The only way to stop pme is if you foul and throw me



Ummm, let's get it
By michael mcdonald & randy goodrum

Sometimes it seems to me
A long and tender love
Is just not meant to be
It's just not of this world

The more we
all I wanna do is be by your side (My life)

I'm walking home and listening to MP3s
Just how did I let you decide to destroy me?
I'm missing you, it
anything for you 

When nobody sees you And nobody hears a word 

Let me be the one you come to 

And all those wishes 

That you thought no
Words by Christopher Cross and John Bettis
Music by Christopher Cross and Michael Omartian
We all know how the story begins
How we fall so easily