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No time left now for shame, horizon behind me, no more pain
Windswept stars blink and smile, another song, another mile
You read the line every time,
Tomorrow is Sunday
Now there's only one day left to go
Till you walk by
Below my window
The weekends drive me mad
Holidays are oh too sad
Awaiting for Adam's return
Smiling, as we watch it burn

I've become hostage to my mind
Left myself behind
Blind lead blind
quarts of 9-30
Yo, Mr.Cheeks, I made this bitch call police
She tried swallowing a nine piece
Forgot the warranty on false teeth
I return like Makaveli
For the heroes of the day 
And no comfort I can find 
For the loved ones left behind 

They won´t tear us apart 
No way 
New day 
New day
Underneath the receiver
You left behind
A fingerprint
Two hours later
A car went by

It's a long shot
But it caught my eye
I've been driving around all
of the crime
But the dead can't speak and there's nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind is a chalk outline

I've been cold in the crypt
But not
further every day

The world has turned and left me here
Just where I was before you appeared
And in your place, an empty space
Has filled the void behind
further every day

The world has turned and left me here
Just where I was before you appeared
And in your place, an empty space
Has filled the void behind
Words by Bob Hartman
Based on Luke 10:30-37, 1 John 3:17

Where are the amber waves of grain
When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain
an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

You remain, turned away
Turning further every day

The world has turned and left me here
Just where
you off that day only to find
That you were gone but we left you behind
Left you behind
What did you expect
Left you behind
She opens up
For all
unlimited warranties
Black Caesar, dating top divas
Diplomatic legalese, no time for a Visa
They just begun, I'mma shoot them one-by-one
Got five sides
or two from the way things were then 

Those old ways of mine, I?ve left them behind 
Those crazy days are through 
The only thing I still do like I
I find there
Long for things I left behind

Gonna find a perfect mountain
Gonna stay until I die
Drink of Mother Nature's fountain
Let my worries roll
Old days are fine, but are left so far behind
From California to Jane Street
Kids alright, alright as they'll ever be

'Cause you will always be my
Had a mill at 16 know how that felt?
And I'm still kicking shit, bitch black belt
Shoulda seen me in that yella 4-30
Got it washed everyday, bitch
toast, Been here wit mayonaise and toast
And pepper, many nights I done slept wit a heefer

Any beef came it left on a stretcher KILLA!
Come on home
Behind the desires.
And the wall that gave way.
There's a forgotten cause,
Consumed by the day,
Behind the ambitions
Of a child who found his way.
the 30's
And it gives you a feel of the old days
And the next door barber shop
Where famous athletes used to stop

But now this neighborhood is down

Through the paper and the trash
All the needles and the cash
Side by side with the man in the big car

Then it turns the dead of night
I'd never thought you'd come back for the pieces
Of the love you left scattered behind
Take what's left there's no way I can stop you
You still have
to hide it all 

And I'm lost, behind 
The words I'll never find 
And I'm left behind 
As seasons roll on by 

Sleeping with a full moon blanket

Well I was raised by the rule
That forgiving is the way divine
Took everything I had for giving
Then you left what was left behind
Go on and run, you
Lost for seven days so I tried to find 
Some of the things that I'd left behind 
Then I saw what I never had discovered 
Days gone by that can