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Can't stop thinking 'bout it
It fills me with unease
Out there by the roadside something's buried
Under sycamore leaves
Wet grounds, late
here on my own or so it seems
I've got to leave before I start to scream
I heard someone locked the door and threw away the key

Are you feeling
Are the best things to feel
You gave it to me freely
Now I leave it with you
I leave you my feelings of love

It gives man to a woman
Possessed by love, is the pain I cannot hide.

Feelings, reach out and hold me
Hold me close by your side.

So you see you've become a part
What kind of love is this that leaves me feeling cold
You look right through me what see nobody knows
You're in a world all by yourself - needing
Look at you, feeling all good
You can't resist, have to be all
Up in it, don't it feel great
Talkin' shit
I let it go

Why don't you just leave me
to be detained
By the hip hop sheriff, locked up
No possibility of getting out cause the shit you make is killing me and my ears, and my peers
I hear
It's a sad bad feeling
It's a sad bad feeling
It's a sad bad feeling
The feeling's in my bones
It won't leave me alone

I'm going out, out of my
For all my life i'll feel it
I wish I'd never met you
You'll make me sick again

Feelings, oh oh feelings
Of hate on my mind

thinking of
It would never work out
I know you're not in love with me
Oh, baby
I'm gonna leave you
Said, I'm gonna leave you
It's over and I'm
If you can't love me till forever I'd never hold you and I won't cry
Leave me gently when it's over if you can't stop smile as you go by
I could
Just like a re-run movie 
I see that scene again
And that feeling shoots right through me
'Cause this time I know the end
And I've seen it played
The times are too demanding when you're hanging by your nose
So why don't you just get out of here and leave me here to pray?
That one of these mornings
I'm on my way home
To see my little angel
Trying to put the pieces back together
Well it's been so long
I'm feeling like a stranger
But they tell me
Leave me a lock of your golden hair leave a memory that we once shared
Leave me the twinkle in your eye leave me something to remember you by
The sun is on me 

Then suddenly I felt a kiss out of the breeze 
That did caress me and possess me 
Oh it astounds me 

All around there's a feeling
the warm feeling as I sat by you

And it filled with devotion
And it made me plainly see
And it healed all my emotions
As I sat by you

As we sat
the warm feeling as I sat by you 
And it filled with devotion
And it made me plainly see
And it healed all my emotions
As I sat by you 
As we sat inside
Feeling myself all of the time
All of the time feeling alright
Taking a while raising a smile makes it all worth while

But if you wanted to find
On my forty-two inch Sony
This is just a long song
It ain't no poem
Leave the lights on till your baby gets home

It's like sitting in
I used to laugh when I should cry
I used to let these feelings pass me by
But now that I believe them
I got no-one to leave them to me
You see I
feelings, I have no heart
Love always cuts out the warm and tender part

Love hurts so much
Love cuts so deep
It's a hot sweat and a cold shake
Atmospheric changes
Make them sensitive again 

Each emotional injury
Leaves behind its mark
Sometimes they come tumbling out
Like shadows in the dark
leave me alone)
Never leave me alone

They tell me that temptation, ooh, is very hard to resist
You tell me that you want me, I tried to hide my feelings
There's something in the wind that's blowin' through my soul
And it's calling out to me saying boy it's time to go
There's a restless feeling in my