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The Lancers (#6), 
  Patti Page (#8), Sunny Gale (#17), and Peggy Lee (#26)
- Words and Music by Jenny Lou Carson and Al Hill

(Go . . . go . . . go)
The Lancers (#6), 
  Patti Page (#8), Sunny Gale (#17), and Peggy Lee (#26)
- Words and Music by Jenny Lou Carson and Al Hill

(Go . . . go . . . go)
of your brand name!

Ju Ju
Jag Jeans
Lee's ya'll
Guess Jeans

All the ladies in the house let me hear you scream
We love
Oschino and Sparks and Freeweezy (holla!)
Mickey, Melanie, Chris and Neef, hey!
All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me I thugged
Henry threw Stacker Lee in the river
Then he said I've got a say so to say
He broke out in a song that was wrote by Blind Leonard
He said Julie Anne
Come on... now...
All I need in this world o' sin
Is me and my girlfriend! (ha ha)
I got a little two-two I call 'er Peggy Sue

When I'm off in
about to start the party

Slim Jxmmi, got a whole bunch of hit bitches with me
Got your main bitch on a bean and the lean
Shakin' like a walkin'
gazelles don't lean on my nose
Drivin' by the clubs gleamin' and go
Heads turn it's a freak show
I need them to know When will they learn
Nas need a queen
reading this

The myth is real - let's eat

General Robert E. Lee
Freed his slaves before Grant freed his
Brian Willson's legs
Severed by a train
The crew
the club and it's 3 AM
With Murph and Jake so drunk I had to lean on them
Disgusted, I snapped myself up, this ain't no fun
I took a girl by the fat girl
Peace, this is Spike Lee
A.k.a. Shelton Jackson Lee
A.k.a. loving husband and father
Of Tonya and Satchel and Jackson
I'm here with De La Soul
in the south
I got some purp on me now
Stacking the styrofoams up by the door
They don't let me back in, they ain't know they in trouble
Valet the whip
the pick, the Lee suit, and the afro.
Now from the flair jeans on 169th and College.
Watching the dude lean on one-seven-o
With a Kangol 'cross America,
on that South Lee, with Big Mix and my boy Lil' Heat
Where's the drank I'm runnin' low, Cabbage Head told me it's a drought
But not to worry dough never
The lean and the weed got us lazy (already)
Yellow boppers is boppin' but you already know

I'm comin' straight out of the South, with my nuts in my hand
Still slanging that P-I, E what I bring by
Me 50 cal, pretty desert up my sleeve, I
Still hugging that corner so tight it can't breath, I
Can't let it
me, remember me

I represented for the both of us, how could you love me

And not trust me, somewhere hated now there's no more us plus

Sammy Lee it