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to resist
Questions and words which would make it unclear
The story continuous but this time it's guided by

Voice of distinction the power of choice
Came upon an ancient forest
A guided path had led me there
Walking through the mystic forest
The legend tales and times gone by

Voices whisper
sheep children 
Following the heard 
Guided by the voices 
In their empty little heads 

You are a milky tear
In the dead mans eye 
In disguise
primed by everything I know
I am a human missile guided by a secret voice
That commands my every action and wills me on my way

There is no turning
to climb

Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
Guided by subconscious voices, astute and sharpened
the pentegon
On a laser guided neutron bomb

But a satellite link says its worse than they think
They can't find the body and it's causing a stink
The guy
Mary Had A Little Lamb
One Holy Morning
Neath The Star Of Bethlehem
A Brand New Day Was Forming
Guided By The Shining Light
And The Angel's
only made of short stories
I couldn't even tell you where I'm from
Guided by the voices I've perfected
Guided by electric wires' hum

I could never
Laundry Girl, your eyes like apple trees, your voice like sprayed Febreeze
You had the cleanest dirty laundry that a Laundromat had ever
Skies are turning tangerine
We're sinking as we go to sleep
All aboard the submarine
Guided by a laser beam
Like a ghost in the machine
We're travelling
Guided by the voice of silence,
I seek the chosen ones
To fullfill the wishes
Of the master beneath
Their souls are mine to keep
Sold for hopes

Sir turn up the TV sound
The war has started on the ground
Just love those laser guided bombs
They're really great

For righting wrongs
me and tell me to kill myself,
What to do? What to do?
All that contains me is gravity,
Mediterranean guided by the moon,
All of this burning cools
Following my intuition
Guided by my inner vision
Life's to short for intermissions here
Live it to the full extension
Crash into a new dimension
box talkin'
With a southern accent
Voodoo curses
Bible tongues
Voices comin'
From the mangled lungs
Give me some grits
Some get-down shit
by one
I'll knock you out

Mr. Microphone making
All the damage felt
Like a laser manifesto
Make a mannequin melt

There's people phonin' in
With a southern accent
Voodoo curses
Bible tongues
Voices comin'
From the mangled lungs
Give me some grit
Some get-down shit
Don't need
feet gain no ground

I must take some measure
To pursue my treasure
Guided by confusion
My compass through the storm

But if I call her sister
Guided by voices and led by thieves
Don't move to California
And sell me out, cause I won't, sell me out

Say what you want

we are forgiven

guided by breath

fine twist of faith

we stumble stray

give in to regain path

with perfect grace

collision found
Him when He calls

With my whole heart I say yes to His will
In spite of my fears I freely give
Supported by His love, guided by His word
I'm yielding
Israeli occupation
Islamic martyrdom, precise
Yeah, laser guided targeting
Oil for food, water, and terrorist organization harboring
Sand camouflage army
Macintosh marketing

Oil field augering

Brazilian adolescent disarmament

Israeli occupation

Islamic martyrdom, precise

Yeah, laser guided targeting


Then I commenced to do a tap dance on eggplant Parmesan before their eyes.
Guided by voices, whole bag of tricks. Raised by Druids and Horses.
spirit floats away
Half asleep, half awake
Upon the edge of twilight
Past the gate, past the maze
Guided by your mind's eye

Exit the realm