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a prehistoric goblin
From Mars with a Martian eyeball
And it's just like a jelly fish nailed to a wall


I see a spider-man vigorously jumping
of Tupac Shakur's latest album, Better Dayz
This is yet another post-humorous release by Tupac
Which, raises the question
Where are these songs coming
of Tupac Shakur's latest album, Better Dayz
This is yet another post-humorous release by Tupac
Which, raises the question
Where are these songs coming
Knights open the gates.
Golden wisdom from the stars
Bids us light the Fires of Mars,
Light the Fires of Mars.
3rd verse
In war there's always loss
A valentine from a politician
Three pages of your dog's ambitions
The stabbed lover and the furious bunny
Stare too long and your eyes go funny
Well I just got back from Venus; I’ve been to Mars and Saturn too
Well I’ve been through the universe baby just looking for you
I landed my ship
The mercitron engaged the patient in 

A defenseless war against mortality 
Angered by the latest turn of events 
The doctor felt he should part company

Infected by the skin I'm in this starving with desire
And Jesus ain't the latest thing to come across the wire
I throw myself at mercy for I
Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
than you (galang gyal)
Whop dem one by one. (galang gyal)
Top dem two by two. (galang gyal)
Drop dem three by three. (galang gyal)
From you know seh
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mé faoin chlár
Mar a bhfaighfinn lucht mo chaointe
Is an t-aos óg atá lách aoibhinn
A chaithfeadh liomsa an oíche
Agus páirt mhór den lá
I knew this chick by the name of Vevorine
Who introduced me to the streets and put me on to the game
We did in the rain, on the hood
a trip to Mars, glow in the dark,
In the age of the plane I'm gonna go by car...
Run the red light, cower in the flashlight...
No time's enough to hid from
I'll never let you down baby
I drop 50, I steal gravy

[Chorus: x2]
I look back on Venus
I look (I look) back on Mars
And (and) I burn with
the knapsack, headed straight outta town
Now, three days pass I'm still on the strip
Doing hand to hand with twelve collapsible, stashable clips
With little
won't be on page three
Or page four anymore

Ol' lady ol'lady
Ol' lady ol'lady
Ol' lady ol'lady
Ol' lady ol'lady

By the grace of God you had a son
Chiefs of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn, God Eternal what changes
After a long century the evil times return
The Antichrist will soon annihilate three
I'll introduce you to my other family.
They came from Mars tonight,
To watch the human race go by.
Try to make you see,
[There's a future here for
Words & Music by Paul Brandt

I'm bored

I need a new topic

search the world for another subject

and by the time I find it I've forgotten where
A ragged suitcase in his hand, he steals silently away from the circus grounds
And the highway's haunted by the carnival sounds
They dance like a great
Rover, Bob Lazar's coming over. 
So honey clear the airstrip and light up that stove. 
By Jove, I think it's started. Oh yeah, 
Escape From the Prison
from the sky
I know Mars could not be, uh, to far behind
'Cause baby, this kind of beauty has got no reason to ever be shy
'Cause honey, this kind
and it's over
How good it was I tend to know
By adding up or rounding down
The evenings count of jokes

Me and my hilkshare are trying that team
by just to get by
Just to get by, just to get by
Our parents sing like john lennon, "imagine all the people watch"
We rock like paul mccartney from