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Early in the morning by the break of day
That`s when my baby went away
Come back baby I wish you would
This crying and grieving won`t do me no
Early in the morning, sometimes late at night
Sometimes I get the feeling that everything's alright
Early in the evening, sometimes in the day
empty on Saturday mornings
Inhale and exhale I can see my breath
Surrounded by silence it has made me deaf

I want to know
I need to know
It's late
the kitchen
So just for fun, ol' Scarface shot Little Melvin down

Early next morning, down by the river
They say, old Scarface was found real short of breath
till layin' by
Layin' by till pickin' time
(Layin' by till pickin' time)

Well it's hard to see by the coaloil light
And I turn it off pretty early every
C'mon baby, shake me all night long

All I want to do 
Is get up early in the morning 
(Oh I love you baby) 
And all I gotta say to you 
Is your
endless night began

So curl up with your early riser
In my eyes you see the plan
You'll catch up on your sleep this evening
And I'll be your morning
your hand
Came home and hour early
Caught her with another man

It's always something before the late night
Around the corner, there's always
the silence there was conversation
And laughter, and music and singing, and shivers up the back of the neck
And tuning in to Luxembourg late at night
Me and God

Early in the morning talking it over
Me and God
Late at night talking it over
Me and God
You could say we're like two peas in a pod
always have someone to talk to

You can drop by
Late at night

Come around here
Early in the morning

I'm available
He gets up early about seven o'clock,
The alarm goes off and then the house starts to rock.
In and out of the bathroom by seven-o-three,
instead of here. 
Except late at night when I turn down by bed and I finally face how I feel.

That's when I miss those Mary Lou Nights. 
That's when I
Early in the morning the sweetness
 Late one night the sublime
 How can I take you there?
 How can I take you, how can I break you
 How can I make you
I'm so blessed I found you
You make all my days brand new
Late at night you call my name
And early in the morning
The thought of sex is soaring
Forever and ever we are free
Together forever for eternity
She died early this morning from the spells of the dead
Death had its own way and won
Now she
find you 
You come out late at night, 'cause you're running for your life 

Hum, Johnny Porter 
Johnny Porter 
Yeah, yeah, yeah 

Well, it's
Early morning traffic jam, 
Wake up call for both of them, 
Will work to eat 
Asks easy street for small change.

And which one needs it more,
she said
Cause poor Little Melvin woke up every morning
With two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head

Then late one rainy night Scarface
A distant car, a quiet night
Like starin' at the ceiling
My sleepy eyes, you smell so nice
It's such a funny feeling

Got no idea, what time it
me back if I would fall. 
Late night. 

Sending signals through the open blinds with flashlights. 
The neighbors dog would bark till early morning
will do no good."
I said, "Come back baby, I wish you would."

You know early in the morning or late at night
She can make a man feel just right
Cause poor Little Melvin woke up every morning
With two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head
Then late one rainy night Scarface Mouzziola
Morning comes too early ,
And night time falls too late.
And sometimes all I want to do is wait.
The shadow I've been hiding in 
Has fled from me
at night and search the pages for our dreams.

Why do we stay together, we cant wait forever,
Heavens too late, only heaven can wait.

And waiting for