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ooh, Santa Claus is coming to town

Frosty, the snowman was a very happy soul
With a smoky pipe and a button nose
And two eyes made out of coal

coming to town!

Holly, jolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year
Oh by golly, have a holly,
Jolly Christmas this year.
Holly, jolly Christmas
coming to town!

Holly, jolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year
Oh by golly, have a holly,
jolly Christmas this year.
Holly, jolly Christmas
wrote this song)
I, I, I did you wrong (But I ain't done yet, listen)

I know this dame by the name of Susie
Always in my ear like she ain't no
Well, this is one of those songs that you hear now and then,
You don't know just where and you don't know just when.
It's one of those songs that
Ladies and gentlemen, huh
This a song.. that dedicated
(wee kah boo boo doo doo boo dah boh dah bah dah boh doh goh doh doh)
To me (dah boh goh
What gives this mess some grace
Unless it's kicks, man
Unless it's fiction
Unless it's sweat or it's songs

What hits against this chest
Unless it's
And we'll allow the pace of these days
To pass us by
While you complain about LA
I'll tell you that I think
I figured Jesus out

And the rain will fall my way
La La La La La Off MTV
La La La La La When you gonna go out with Me

Brains, power and muscle like Dame, Puffy and Russell
Your boy back on his
You’re giving me control by moving to this song
You gon make me lose my girl, and all that drama
I swear I’m lovin you,
You love it to, then
out to L.A.
And I rented me a palace down by the sea
A small town boy to a California king

I rolled up in my limousine
Paparazzi on the scene
Artist: Fat Joe f/ Armageddon, Tony Sunshine
Album: Loyalty
Song: All I Need
Typed by:
[Talking: Fat Joe]
Cool & Dre
Who you
stop all the dreamin’
Get out this town, look around, we don’t need it

Hell and heaven, they can wait for you,
So go and do all the things that you want
the great southwest
When I first saw Texas 
I thought man this must be the best
When I got to LA I just turned it around
Their heads are up among the stars,
(Skoal) by Cledus T. Judd and Chris Clark La-Po Music/Chris Clark Publishing Designee.

New Lyrics (Stoled) by Cledus T. Judd, Bruce Burch, Dan Saranana,
rapping to the hoochies
Dirty old fat hoes come up with a smoochie
Hoochie coochie la la la la
I might pull your tongue out your mouth
And try to hang
Run this town from the inside out
Block by block from the bottom to the top
I know just who I am
And I know just who I'm not

No you don't

I once heard a noise, In the night the most sentuaint voice,
The song of love from an angelic boy, stuck in my head,
And this is what he said
First of all id like to dedicate this song to all the vatos from San Diego. Straight out the 6 1 9 with a rhyme and to all my homies doing time dont
stayed on the raps 'til we made it on the map
By then, No I was my main guy
He and I was like Chi-town's Gang Starr
We had came far together, with a long
the hardest
Picture me debatin' no time to argue with you artists
If you do a song with me I'm probably just targeting your market
And then I take them home
Sent a telegram today
Tomorrow you’ll be on your way
Could be Memphis or L.A.
No questions just get out and play

Wake up call to catch the plane
bing, bing"

Back the car up, pop the trunk now
Can ya hold ya breath 'cause I'm a flood this town
That ass scream "nine-second-five right here"
pay to see something like this
Let's just say it's a Saturday night
And you wanna go out on the town
Got a lady to flatter who might give it up if
my opinion you make it
The critic'll get the didick and if you got it then stay with it
You never knew me but you flew me to your town see