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Surrounded by
A hundred friends
But still you feel
I love L.A
That's hard to say
to you
In the exact same room
We're right here in L.A

It's like you're in New York
L.A to New York
L.A to New York
It feels so far
L.A to New York
horoscopes, man
Hey, I'm a cancer with a bad moon rising

Look here Alfago, watch my lips
Where were ya born?

I was born in East L.A
Man, I was born in
it's not easy 
When you don't get what you deserve 
You can say that you love me 
But that's not what I've heard 

Tonight in L.A 
Tonight in L.A
The Game:
L.A Dodgers cap, with my middlefinger up, in my khakis and chucks,
I'm walking in the rain
L.A Dodgers cap, with my middlefinger up, in my
wannabe in L.A wahahoo)
( I really wannabe in L.A wahahoo)
( I really wannabe in L.A wahahoo)

I take the city in the dead of night
I'm burning gas
Sunshine happiness in studio city
Time in a favorite place is going too fast
Time we spend here
Is already in the past

L.A. L.A L.A. L.A. go
to be back in L.A againGood to be back on my own groundIts good to be back home in L.A. againGood to be back in my home town
Oh yeah
I've traveled down
won't distill

Oh, no!
In place, shock strike, L.A will be blind!
Nothing changed, Here in L.A
I have been
looking for somewhere
I have been
searching for someone
Blow my pride
I came here
to see real street in L.A
can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a Rock and Roll band?

'Cause in sleepy L.A Town
There's just no place for a street-fighting man

Hey, think
L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L-Linda
L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L-Linda

When I go to sleep
I never count sheep
I count all the char-are-are-arms 
About L-L
My thoughts are really elsewhere
But nothing matters and I don't care
Most of the time

From New York, L.A
Every single day
I'm thinking
to see this place 
She gave me a reason to love L.A

She said she had to be where that sun dropped down 
I'm talkin fast lane goodbye 
She'd chase it
to get fierce on me, 
I think it's time I tell them about themselves
Yo just give it to them safari style

Well, well, well it's L.A
The T.I
gotten my own style
I've got another scene
I've gotten lovely friends
I have lovely friends
And nothing's free
So I wonder

I'm living in L.A
Listen T-L-L
Listen to my hearbeat.
on tight now, hold on to stay,
Cause that's how we do it in L.A
Baby girl I left a piece of my heart
In New York (In New York), in L.A (In L.A.)
Baby ‘cause I left a piece of my heart
In Paris (In Paris), in
Doesn't work right
L (I think you better slide into it, I'ma slide into it) (Okay)
One, two

L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L-Linda
L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L
of L.A
Haunting the buildings of New York

You only need it to breed in
So make the best of downtown
Surround sound
Like a planet score
know more that I do

Say farewell to L.A
And your little coat of blue
'Cause meanwhile
Back in Memphis, girl
Our mama prays for you

All the way from
Jello! Jello! Jello!

Ello, ello We downtown L.A guetto
She got an ass on her pillow
Girl shake that A, Jello!
Girl shake that A, Jello!