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gummy bears back, attack!

All these tribes hoard breads and wines
These climates transform men to swine
All these hives hide knives and lead
burst your mind and cracks your bones

V E N O M, yeah

This is our hell and that's the way we live
Your eyes transfixed by
That few would take notice 

And when I wake up 
I imagine being crushed by one 
Imagining its weight its silence 
And the absence of excuses for
of tomahawkes
Giving middle fingers to the pigeons doing somersaults
Road runners don't fall off cliffs, they run across
Anomalies by the colonies flukes by
A. In thirteen seconds
B. Nineteen sank, while six would swim
C. Five would grow and one was dead

It's been thirteen seconds
Since you all last
Tonight the drunks are infected, we're on our way
As if they drop by to see me you-n-I-n-v-I-t-e-d
And I am a walflower, maybe a better father
By the flicker by the light of the t.v. set

'Cause I can't remember why I hated you
Can't remember why I still do
But I'm a sure as the moon
By Jimmy Driftwood

Along about eighteen and twenty-five
I left Tennessee very much alive
I never would have got through the Arkansas mud
If I hadn't
knives in his back
Every time he opens up
You say "He gotta be strong if wou want to be a man"
Mr. I don't know how you can have
Sweet dreams
and flashing their knives
Big Jim and his men were jumped by an all-star Indian tribe

He was scared, Big Jim was scared
Alive, they called him lucky, but
Physically they just give up
We priced the healthy food so high
They can only buy soda pop

A house broken bee colony
That goes home after 5
Too burnt
Will you be entertained by beast and knives?
Vital mentalisms will blow your minds!
Cthulu's red headed step child, quite the precocious babe.
the Novocain numbs the brain
And 1906 getting cleaner getting cleaner
Sucked into 07 by this thing called a vacuum cleaner
1914 bam they're going crazy in
all within reach
Throw a scrap back to niggas - perfect your own speech
Shit is copper, it ain't worth the mic stands
Used by backup singers in
from rent days and pumping
Wire cell with valors on, drawers is colorful
I do this, forever nigga, raw style
Lighting Phillies, fly by willies, can't
That make the roof flip back like pocket knives

I can't knock ya drive, you feelin' like Rocky
Till you get a beatin' like he got in Rocky 5
rubber like "green is the new green"
Rubber necks froze, slows by the multiplex
Rodeo commotion, I'm open to see what culminates
Boogie on the right,

And fake ass fives that they don't even drive 

Hip hop is war and only strong MCs will survive 

( 2x ) 

[ Holocaust ] 

Half dead
Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray
By the way if that diamond ring don't shine
That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't
stronger than in Albany
This colony’s economy’s increasingly stalling and
Honestly, that’s why public service
Seems to be calling me (he’s just non-stop)
they money never made them

The game of survival is filled with rivals
Knives and fo'-five slugs flyin in spirals
The wicked is diseased and it ain't
The C.O.L.O.N.Y. east coast and the west coast fuse together this shit
ain't dope it's a musical treasure never come and test a, dope MC like
Five conscious stages, stand up courageous
Change your plurality, seek mental clarity
Zip-lock off the chronic, kissed it, then I twist it
knives, rollin' Rover style
Twice, finger itchy like lice hair fell out somethin'
To conquer, stomp ya like that cat Blanca
Toy Tonka truck ten carat on ya
With the synth and sound we might just believe that we could do
All the things in our minds with exact knives and bing's that will make you