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The super friends seek that revenge
Bout to fuck out, you kiss girls on the mouth
Over here all of my niggas is bout bout


Call me straight up
what I'm a give em when they land in last place
Hand right by the... they ain't too many seeing us
So they wanna take my gifts
But I wrap em with
about to land like an avalanche or a blizzard
So open up, let me in, then
Check out the ill motherfuckin' Les swing
Wickedy wicked, your girl's tit I
Famous tee and Levis we ain't got the true religion
Coming out the super system on some slum shit
Unfit for your kids to listen to a dumbie with
since midnight, homie
Had a shorty, pussy, hit it like a fistfight, homie
My dick only know what she kiss like, homie
See the molly got her goin', you
know what she kiss like, homie
See, the molly got a gun, you could call but she ignoring
I was balls deep in it, nigga, you ain't even know it