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tongues of lies
Rising child of Zion, when two suns shine in the sky

Thy Kingdom come by my command
Let the eye of Giza shine
are they which persecute
For righteousness' sake
For theirs is the Kingdom of Mount Zion

Zion Hut Chapter 3

And he shall be like tree
Planted by
Wey dem a go do, chuh

It's all about the Solomon wisdom
All about the good Holy Kingdom
All about the few that's chosen
Wey dem a go do, well
A righteous minority decadent culture make you forget you spiritual 
Priority back down by the movement 

Soldiers who will serve ya open to be used by god
Wondering where you been
Won't you come on home to me?

Flash back patches of grass growing wild in fact
Cracked walls burnt black like a kingdom sacked
Intro: DJ KaySlay]
Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name