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Shadows walk with silent feet
Is there something in the air
Turns your hope into despair?

Oh, kingdom of madness you've got me undone
As we measure our existence
By axioms forged in our awareness
I long for science about lunacy's consistence
The composition of madness

Spells of desecration I cast
As I ride through the maze of death
Upon the kingdom of madness
At each dawn I die

Creature of hatred entangled into
like flies
The final raging battle that's when the evil dies

The poison of illusion, the world falls asleep
The evil reigns its kingdom by cunning
guarded by the king
Insanity and the power that it brings

Madness reigns
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Mysteries of your life are hidden in the Ivory Tower
The science of your works defends our people and kingdom
You are the only one, chosen by

When all is lost
Swallowed by depths of darkness
The gates to the kingdom of horrors
You've passed, now dwell in madness

Flames of eternity
troops ride
Surrounding the realms of cursed kingdoms
Breeding the havoc of the wolfen lord
Battle steeds march and scream
Ruled by the code
and arrows
That Hamlet spoke about
But harrowed,
He was forced to a ragged defeat

There was a method to his madness
But overcome by pride and sadness
He did
guarded by the king
Insanity and the power that it brings

Madness reigns
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oh yeah
In the Hall of the Mountain King
man's truth, one fear 

The blind suffer at the hands of sin 
Lines are drawn where the boundaries begin 
Ten thousand broken, by the madness within
the kingdom where madness and suffering reign

Deformed by the darkness the Nightshade brought
Condemned to be killed but never to die
Forever in torment,
Proclaiming the glory of the kingdom of Kutulu

Madness and wrath unholy existence
Breeding the plague nocturnal revence
Whirl winds of doom entomb
Have you heard the story?
Have you heard the news?
They say he's coming
You better choose
Visual horror
On the TV screen
Nothing but madness
apparition that hell hath wrought caligula

Sent to earth by the light of the earth osteria
Given birth by the might of his sword caligula

Now in glory
See the harlot riding sinner scarlet
She's a city made of souls
To the Devil she will hold... to the end

Drunken blindness...fallen! is her
Only when the last dragonslayer has been laid by the heels
And his demonic soul is melting in the holy flames of eternal truth
The dragons kingdom
Pass the life unconscious
The entire light is never seen
By the one who close his eyes
On the sad reality of conception
So years of false truth
the kingdom of madness and the tales from the old

Death by our hands, for the higher command
As the darkness surrounds us hear the cries as they fall
been led, into madness instead
Toll of my kingdom
The quest for nexus has brought
Many men of genius to insanity

When I gaze at the man who is
the kingdom of madness and the tales from the old!

Death by our hand, for the higher command,
As the darkness surrounds us and the cries as they fall,
So you've been told, that satan owns, a contract to your soul
Or perhaps that he will have a kingdom and a throne
Well now it's time to realize, that
their control
All things held dear to the wretched past
Coalesced within her soul

Madness crept into her sight
Though her sinful hair
kingdom of my inner self
I summon thee, ave Satanas
In the greatest darkness of my inner strength
I call upon, regie Satanae.
In the greatest wilt of my
We've created one killing breed-machine, fed by hate and lies
On with the madness, we've got nothing to lose
Nuclear powered, driven by our own hate,