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not refuse
No, no, no

For I was born
Born for adventure
Women whisky and sin
No I'll never surrender
Live by the sword till the end

sky turns black, turns black as if asleep
The king is dead so
Long live the man in me, by divine right

For all kings committed
For all kings old
Well Martin's dream has become Rodney's worst nightmare. 
Can't walk the streets, to them we are fair game, 
Our lives don't mean a thing. 

God and man
But You prevailed to live and reign again

(And I know that) there will never be a crown so cruel
You wore it like a king, a king of fools
(His robe his robe the robe of calvary
Twas worn by my redeemer who lives eternaly)

Kings wear robes of gold and velvet soon their glory fades away
king's born today,
And man will live for evermore,
Because of Christmas Day

Now Joseph and his wife, Mary
Came to Bethlehem that night
They found no
It’s midnight in the metropolis
Winter is coming
Harry’s in the hallway
Counting out his money
Leon’s in the kitchen
Sharpening knives
There's no end, there's no beginning
To the old man's story
Does he still remember me
From lives gone by
Oh I see his spirit rising
make it count
Gonna make it count
Gonna oh oh

Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live
quarter be shown
Live for the thrill of battle alone
Blessed by the will to die for the throne
In for the kill
In for the kill
Freedom is taken by
Hail his crowd, behold the man, he's the king, (king) king of the night

                                   ( ToToX)
Hail his crowd, behold the man, he's the king, (king) king of the night

                                   ( ToToX)
There is a love that I know
A strength for the weak and the broken heart
My Shepherd and King
I find You within me
For you are here
My Lord
the mourning veil
With a crown on the head
They will walk the gloomy dale

Admired and lifted to the sky
Their flame of live will die
Chosen to be kings
the mighty dollar
Make us live again
Lead and we will follow
Faithful to the end
Wave the mighty dollar
Pave the streets with gold
Lead us by the collar
a new king born today,
And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day.

While shepherds watch their flocks by night,
They saw a bright new
Jesus loved the devil out of me yes Jesus loved the devil out of me
When he took me by the hand old Satan just gave up and ran
Jesus loved the devil
of revealing
The human forms will rue the day
We crown the astral beast

Crowned is the king of the fallen
Rejoice his light, they live again
Crowned is
bring your sun lotion
Early morning class of Yoga on the beach in Senegal
Ethiopia the capital of fi di Congression
A deh so I belong
A deh di The King
verse 3:
I know you've been bruised by losers lovers liars

set the tables long baby labor lives no longer

spend all your life and you'll wish it were
If there was ever a man
Who was generous, gracious and good
That was my dad
The man
A human being so true
He could live like a king
'Cause he
Lil' shawty I was in the back seat with me, you know uh (uh, Naomi)
I ran into her on Rodeo Drive in L.A., and I was like

(She's so fly)
What It Seems
The Melting Of The Soul The Wish Of Those Who Scheme
The Taking Of The Will By Destroyers Of The Dream
They Live To Spread The Fear
the will of the wind
I know it
And I know it

Treat me like a king bee
Buggin' round in a hollow tree
He's living high on borrowed time
Intoxicated by
the angels sing
A new king born today
And man will live forevermore
Because of Christmas day

Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That man will