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that yesterday
You saw me stronger than the sun
Then one cold word from you
And swiftly I've come undone

And your love's killing me slowly
Killing me
and this world divides?
World divides

The loss of love becomes unbearable
And a vanishing point becomes intact
So when a six foot drop is my best
I will
pick up my feet
I'm the center of attraction by staying off the streets"
And I want love
Get some funk and get some fun
Punks like fun
Punks like
A love born once must soon be born again
A plain that died, leaving cinders to be fanned
By the wind and thrown flame
Flames like tongues
You were conceived at the right time everything about you blows my mind
Thought I'd been in love before now I just got my foot in that door now
Jesus walked on water
As my airy frequency reigns through the galaxy
I easily gets busy and takes 3
I'm the nicest MC on this side of the peninsula
'til 3
With nothing to do baby
But twiddle my thumbs and wait

Killing time
Waiting on you (waiting on you)
What should I do (what should I do)
I'll be
love was so true
But now she's 3 foot 2
And she used to be 5 foot 11
Her death was unintentional
But now she's 2-dimensional
My angel is truly in heaven

Swarm dorms, sting birds, fling verbs like mean curbs 

Strike three, mics flee, I infect em with green germs, ringworm 

'cause I'm filthy
the tripe X balla 
I'm in love wit yo mama 
But yo daddy be playa hatin' so I don't call her 
I'ma go see my ninja level flow 
Callin' storm, shadow,
the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly, now as I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it
Yeah, word, I heard about it, man
Yeah, word, similar story, you know?

Regardless, we all ninjas, and got money,
But the theme of the story

me love man, big sturdy and strong give de gyal 
Blackout fi plow dowm me lawn 
I like it rawww 
If you get by my side 
Tear down me fence
It's killing me, killing me
How I can't get no love without our combination
Killing me, killing me how I get so choked up with every conversation
To stick your foot inside your mouth
And you know this is killing me

J's at my door, I got money on the floor (repeat 3x)
I'm a million dollar nigga on the muthafuckin low
I got money on the floor (repeat 8x)
autobahn inertia dance 
And curb them herped love bugs by the cursed final curtain clamp
Another savior with his foot cold stuck in his mouth 
I play that
You can't do rock and roll wrong.
Now that's my fucking way to think.
And passion doesn't just come from
A simple 3 chord pop punk progression.
Yeah, Yeah Shame and pride is killing you girl. x3 
Look all the things I gave you 
What did you do, only made you feel blue 
I try my best
Well Kim, Kim fucking sent a picture to her and she said
"Love from, Yolandi Visser, prawn" (Fuck)
She fucking said, I didn't say fucking, I said

felt like killing my self
You kept me alive
What a pair
Me and you we was a match
Different tastes but you know opposites attract
By my side, held
My hands they shake, my head it spins.
Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.

Three words that became hard to say.
I and love and you.
What you were
[Charlie Brown]
Bring one MC, two MC, three MC. 
Send any MC's. It doesn't matter to me. 
Sterp up like a thief in the night. 
No wins and I
knows that she's done her part
I'm watching God's love grow heart to heart

He'll grow to be six foot three
Yeah he's gonna be just like me
He'll be
to say this fear of drowning
Fear no death by water
Father walks in at the foot of the bed
Six of you want to see you safe
Just one time you'll meet